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How Do I? Window tinting


I want to tint the windows on my RR and on the wife's ford focus estate.
Trying to keep the sun out of my little boy's eyes.
I have been looking round and to get both of the done by professionals is going to be expensive £250ish for the RR and about £180 for the Ford.
I have seen some pre-cut diy kits on that E web site. Has anyone had any experience, would I be just wasting my time with these?
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I've fitted tinted window film before.... a long, long time ago to a Ford Cortina Mk4. It had a CB too. Fully blacked out all windows!

..anyway, it's not hard. But you can scratch the film easily. The advantage I see of using the professional is that you will be sure the job will be perfect (if it isn't you can get him to redo it till it is!).
I fitted window film many years ago, but it wasn't the pre cut stuff and it kept ripping then it shrank. It was the stuff on a roll.
Also I didn't know what I was doing. No instructions back then.
I have also done it to a mkII Fiesta.. Not something to do if you have a bad temper, and also the rear screen is a pain cos its convex.. SO can't be done with one sheet properly. If I was ever having it done I would pay someone, to do it!
Maybe I should re phrase this. I still dont know what I am doing.
I thought the pre cut sheets would be simpler.
Could be wrong though.
I did my own windows on my 110. It's not as tricky as it looks. The pre cut sheets are a little tricky as you need to get them lined up before you start to stick it. I used the stuff on a roll, cut the bit off the roll a bit bigger than the window, stick it on and then trim it with a sharp blade. Don't use the cheep film from Halfords as this stuff rips easily and is useless. I got some off eBay on the roll and it was good thick quality. Dark smoke for the back and light smoke for the front windows.

Tools for the job:-

Very sharp blade (old style razor blade will do), a scraper/straight edge, mild soapy water in a spray bottle (Do not use fairy liquid, use something mild like baby shampoo etc.), hair dryer.

How to do it.

Use a dust free environment, in a garage if possible, if not, outside on a damp day so the dust doesn't blow around.

Clean the glass very well, make sure there is no dust or dirt on the glass at all. The tiniest bit of dust will show up on the film. Once glass is clean, spray the mild soapy water onto the glass. Peal the clear film backing off the tint and apply the slightly sticky side of the film to the glass. Apply it slowly trying not to create any large air bubbles. Once applied to the glass, use the scraper/straight edge to push and air bubbles out to the edge. If the glass curves then you may need to use the heat from a hairdryer to stretch the film etc. once it is in place and all the air bubbles are out you can then trim around the edge to fit the glass. Take you time, if you slip with the blade when trimming you will have to peel it all off again.

The rolls I got came with a small plastic scraper and a razor blade ideal for the job. I will have a look for the seller but you will find some on eBay.

I hope this helps you. Some pictures of my 110 with the dark smoke tint.



  • S3010050 (Small).JPG
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Looks like you did a good job.
I think I will try a diy kit on the wifes car, then if any good I will do it to a real car.
Now I know how to fit the stuff.
Thanks Guys
As landy v8 says its quite an easy job I did limmo black on my old 90 the only thing i found was trying to reverse when off road was a nightmare, and the reflection on the rear window to mirror from on coming cars at night was a bit off putting.
But it is ideal if you need to hide anything in the back of your truck and fantastic for keep the sun out of the kids eyes go for it you can always remove it if you don't like it or so im told...............
Land rovers are easier as the glass is all flat.. cars with convex windows are a nightmare.. Just use plenty of soapy water and a good quality squeedgy to get the air bubbles out :)
I have ordered one for the wifes car. Will see how that goes. If any good I will get a kit for mine.
Now I have all the info on how to fit the stuff.
Thanks everyone.
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