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How Do I? Windscreen wipers

Andrew Swift

When I use the windscreen wipers on the 90 there is a click when they move from the bottom. This appears to be on the drivers side. Is there an easy way to lubricate the mechanism or is this likely to be something else?


Assuming you have left hand drive, then it could just be the park switch cutting in and out. Without knowing exactly where the click is coming from, it's hard to diagnose.
Right hand drive, it feels/sounds to be from the bottom of the wiper arm but I wasnt sure if there was a lever system behind the dash that could wear and need lubricating.

Behind each wiper is a spindle unit attached to a cable.
The spindle can seize and lubrication is recommended.
When new the spindles come packed in grease, they consist of a small cog wheel that attaches to a cable running back to your wiper motor.
The arm that pokes through the bulk head to attach your wiper too is prone to seizing and might need lubrication.
But I wouldn't have thought it would make a clicking noise.

The thing to do is remove the passenger side of the dash to see the wiper motor and the top of the dash to see the spindles. Once off use the wipers and I'm sure you will see where the noise is coming from.

I think it might be the cable snagging on something.
The passenger spindle is easy to see and work on but the drivers is tucked down behind the instrument console.

My passenger spindle seized three weeks ago, I had to strip the system down, so I'm an expert on wipers these days.

Good luck

Yep once you've removed the plastic Land Rover logo from the passenger end you are away then.
Probably about 12 or so screws to remove in total.
Just wondering if you ever solved the windscreen wiper click as I have the same problem in a 2005 Defender. Any suggestions for where to start looking as the click noise when raining is beginning to get annoying!
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