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Worldspace Radio


Extreme Landy Fan
I have a Worldspace receiver in my home and have finally relented and bought one for my Disco.


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The first problem was the power supply.

The unit was supplied with one of those silly things that one plugs into the ciggie lighter.

I took it apart, soldered a length of 2 core wire onto the connectors and mounted everything in a small plastic box.


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Next issue was where to mount the antenna.

In an ideal world, I'd have the guts to drop the roof lining, drill a hole in the roof and bond the antenna, but I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to drilling holes in roofs of vehicles, so I decided to mount it on the bonnet - in line with the GPS antenna.


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Now, where to mount the unit?

After holding it here, there and everywhere, I decided the best place would be above the rear view mirror. Unfortunately the unit is just too wide to fit into the space where one would normally have the sunroof and rear a/c controls, so I got a piece of 1.6mm galv, bent it, cleaned it with T wash and sprayed it with acid etch primer.

I'll spray it cream in the morning, mount it to the blanking panel that normally covers the hole and mount the radio onto the panel.

Once that's done I'll be running the antenna cable through the bulkhead up to the unit, then mounting the power supply in the cavity above the front interior light and running the power lead back to the fuse box.

Once the subscriptions are paid and the unit's active, I should be able to listen to Virgin, Capital, BBC, CNN et al while I'm driving :D


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Getting a colour match on the trim is proving to be difficult.

I'm not prepared to buy 5l of paint. Unless I can find a paint company that does aerosol colour matching I may well have to wait until my next UK trip to get what I need.
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