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Would you swap?


Accelerating Away
I've got a set of five, five spoke white steel wheels. They're in good nick and at the minute I'm not using them.

A mate of mine wants them for his 110 - he's asked if I want a straight swap for his series 2a. It has a fairey overdrive, safari roof rack and was running a few years ago. He says the chassis is shot to hell and will need replacing - not just patching. It's got no MOT (obviously), it's sorned and has it's right engine etc.

I couldn't tell you which way to hold a spanner - so I'm worrying that I've got no chance of doing the work myself. I'm assuming it'll cost an arm and a leg for someone else to do it.

Is it worth a swap - I don't just mean the cost of the wheels against the 2a but how much wiil it cost me o buy a chassis ans have it fitted?

Selling the overdrive and roof rack alone would cover the cost of the wheels I would think, then sell off the rest of the bits, or scrap it, or do it up.

I think a new chassis fitted is in the region of £2000+ ... but bear in mind that if the chassis is shot then the bulkhead probably is too, and what state will the brakes / brake lines / running gear etc be in ... could well be a bottomless money pit
If you`re looking for something to do and are in no rush then maybe. Bear in mind it will be costly and go on and on . It wont end at the chassis it wil go to brakes etc etc . If it`s something you have always hankered after.......a 2a Landy then OK , but if it`s a whim then I would say you are only creating work for yourself.

I would buy it, strip it, flog the parts then finaly flog the plate to someone who is not afraid to lie to the DVLA!
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to go for. As you say if I never get round to working on it, at least I can strip it and make the money back.

The guy is sending me some photo's next week and I make my final decision when I see them.


Price of 5 new 8-spokes, approx £150. Value of average condition used overdrive £250, used roof rack £75-100, so those two accessories are worth twice as mich as the rims. Then there are all the parts, which you see people asking for on here all the time...

It'd be nice to see it restored, but it's not going to get better by itself, and at least in parts it'll keep other LRs going.
The selling the stuff on is all true guys but lets not kid ourselves. That counts as work in my book. Plus mess and hassle of advertising and picking or trailering said vehicle up. If you are working you don`t dig your own peat......cos it`s cheaper to buy it:D

Got a picture now (and he's got my wheels) so I think it's probably a done deal :eek:

I know it's not going to be as simple as this but ..... is it possible to hoist the body up, unbolt the old chassis and slide a new one in place?

Are the bulkheads welded in place or are they bolted? He thinks the bulkhead can be patched but the chassis is shot, anything I can do to avoid the wiring loom has got to be worth a shot.

Or am I dreaming .....



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