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You know the way one job leads to another

floyd fan

Well one of the bulbs in my roof bar lights blew, so I decided to replace the two centre bulbs with yellow fog light bulbs. Hmmm me thinks, it would be better if they where on there own switch so I can have them on/off independantly from the other two. So off came the light bar for a rewire.
Now when I first put the bar on I wasnt to happy with the way the lights sat. Because the lugs are on the front of the bar and the brackets for the lights are on the back, the lights where pushed forward of the light bar making the lights a real target for branches. So while I had the roof bar off I made some brackets to put the lights at the back of the bar.
Now, Ive been selling my "electric butty box" on ebay but the one I had in my car was in a different box and was no good for photos. So, in order that I could take some publicity photos I decided it was time I put a butty box in mine, this meant a rewire of all my lights, switches, CB and laptop power supply. Turned out realy neat though and was well worth doing.
So if ever you have a bulb blow.... Just change the bulb :D.


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