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How Do I? you know those plastic head lamp bowls?


Extreme Landy Fan
what do you get with those?
i need two complete headlamp kits and was wondering about plastic bowls.
basically i have a choice , buy two kits (not cheap) or buy the parts seperatly using plastic bowls (not sure of cost).
so , the seating rim , do i get it with my plastic bowls or is it a seperate thing?
I bought siome plastic bowls for mine, never got around to fittine them and gave them to my mate for his project. Anyhow You get the bowl and the metal ring that holds the headlamp in.. I htink thats it.

this is the bit i mean guys , it sits between the sealed beam glass bit and the bowl.


  • IMG_0321.JPG
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better view of it here.
and obviousley why i want to renew them.


  • IMG_0322.JPG
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Nope mine didn't have anything liek that, just the lpastic bowl and bit that holds the sealed beam in! I ver got as far as taking my lights apart so i didn't see what was involved
Visit your local car breakers yard. Minis are getting rare in scrap yards but you'll find a couple usually. They have plastic headlight bowls, normally the light units would have been broken or removed but the bowls are always there for the taking. They will cost you pennies ! A quick wash in a bowl of water and they will be as good as new. HTH
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