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Draper 8231/2 nut and stud removers

Tools Review Draper 8231/2 nut and stud removers

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Draper 8231/2 nut and bolt removers

No doubt you will have had a rounded nut or bolt present itself to you during your adventures in Land Rover repairs. Usually somewhere that you can't cut it off due to access problems, and you can't get at it with a file either. What to do?

This is where these spanners come in handy. They are similar in design to Irwin nut/bolt removers (review to follow soon) in as much as they have a spiral set of flutes inside which grip the bolt or nut head harder and harder the more you pull on them in the remove direction. They are ratchet spanners, and as you can see in the photo’s they are reversible.


Each spanner will fit 4 different nut sizes. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16mm. They are also capable of fitting imperial sizes, they are designed for rounded nuts and bolt heads after all, 5/16, 7/16, ⅜, ½, 17/32, 9/16, and ⅝”. Oddly the 9mm size isn't marked with an imperial marking.


The ratchet is positive on all of them, and they are nicely made, solid in construction with no rough spots. The most important thing is, they work! Rounded nut, no problem. Painted over, no problem. If it's seized on, then the spanner is strong enough to grip the nut, and shear it off, as you know, sometimes they just won't undo. It is a testament to how well these grip though.

Price wise… Seen them for sale at £15.99 and also at £50.99. I paid £20 for them in the local agricultural merchants.

Well worth the money!
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