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Replacing The Seals On Alpine Windows

Replacing The Seals On Alpine Windows

First off I reckon this is definitely a two man job. It took us about one hour to do one window. The seal is in 2 parts, each length comes with plenty of spare. The main seal will actually hold the window in place but you need the second length of rubber, which is the fillet, to make it water proof. This is what the main seal looks like in cross section:


Getting the old seal out was no problem at all. Just tease out the rubber fillet with a screwdriver:

4 sealing_up.gif

As you can see the aluminium was pretty distorted. Probably as a result of the surplus vehicles being parked close-up and people walking on the roofs.

3 window_out.gif

Next we put the window in with the main seal - easy! Put the seal in the hole first and then introduce the glass. Next plenty of soapy water and washing up liquid and ....a lot of effort to get the fillet seal in. This bit was the 2 man bit. My mate Bruce opened up the main seal with a sort of blunt home made tool while I teased in the fillet with the end of a very blunt screw driver.

2 remove_seal.gif

Tips: Offset the join of the main seal and the fillet to keep water tight integrity. Also cut the seal cut it about 15 mm too long it's easy to loose that much by just squeezing it in at the end.

Hope that was of some use!
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