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  1. Steve Marquis

    Oh no, not another one! What could go wrong?...

    Hi esteemed team, I'm looking hard at another Landy to add to the fold and need some experienced eyes please. It's a 1994 registered Land Rover (Tithonus ex-MOD) Defender 110 TDi 300. I understand the history of the Tithonus, It looks just the job for the work we have in mind for it up here...
  2. H

    Land rover Wolf Antenna

    Hi all, Recently I've just purchased a land rover defender wolf 110, I would like to make some upgrades to it, purely asthetical, I would like to put Clansman antennas on the front bonnet which I have seen on various pictures, when I purchased the vehicle, they said that I should go for a...
  3. MattHunt

    Td5 110 towing assembly: which type?

    My ex RAF td5 110 is missing the height adjustable plate and tow hook. I am trying to work which one it is, I do not think it is an actual Landrover one or is it LR007221? Any guesses please? I presume the actual towing attachment would have been a NATO hitch? Thanks
  4. B

    Polarity on an '88 110

    Hi, new poster here, thanks for having me.... When putting a battery that had been partially charged back in to a 110, I automatically put the lead that had two auxiliary wires attached to it on to the positive battery terminal. The 110 started up but died after a few seconds and wouldn't...
  5. C

    Propshaft wear, 2 inch lift.

    Hi all, im new here and new to landrovers. ive just bought my first car/truck from a local lad who has had it for a while. he had never gotten around to getting it roadworthy due to loads of other projects. Anyway.. Its a 1989 110 country station wagon. in recent time it has been fitted with a...
  6. A

    new Member First Defender 90

    Hi all I am calling from Yorkshire and this is a hello :bigwave: and a cry for help. I am looking for a panel beater/mechanic in the yorkshire/howden/goole/leeds area to help me with my Defender which rolled once yesterday - due to a dodgy trailer with a full load:dunno: It still drives...
  7. peaklander

    Sleeping in a 110 CSW

    Hi all, I thought that I'd post our experiences of constructing and using a 'sleeping platform' in our 1996 110 CSW. We have recently returned from a 6,000 mile, two month road trip to Greece and the Balkans. Route was Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Albania...
  8. F

    Door locks failing after door refurb

    Gents, You gotta love (or hate) landy's, especially for those of us who are weekend mechanics. I have an '89 110 and I sought to tackle the rusty door bottom problem. With the help of a friend, I cut off the rusty piece, which included the bottom hole of the lower hinge, and welded on a new...
  9. mombajomba

    Down at the ploughing match boy!(child seat post)

    Hello all, been i while since i was on here, surprised that i still have an account, I trust everyone is well. I was down at a ploughing match in the south east on Saturday and i saw a series 88 with an open back and a child seat frame in the back. I've not seen anything like it before and the...
  10. Stephen4.6110

    Problems fitting LT 230 to my auto v8 110

    Hi I fitted a low compression 4.6 V8 with Auto and BW to my 3.5 V8 Manual 1985 110 some years ago. I have never been to happy with the performance ( max speed only 70 - 80 and 8.5 mpg ) and have thoughts that the ratios were wrong with having the BW transfer box. Having blown up the BW i have...
  11. I

    Expired 1986 ex-MOD 100 w/ 200TDi conversion

    Ex-MOD 1986 Land Rover 110 "Hoofin" is for sale. Pics here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lh634lstv57r77d/x09do8WktS The Land Rover was built by its previous owner to complete in the 2012 Help for Heroes European Rally. It comes with a heavy duty roof rack, and a roof tent fitted and ready to...
  12. D

    Suspension Identification

    Hi Everyone - Happy Easter! :rabbit: This Easter, I've decided that it's time to change the rear shock absorbers on my land rover 110 (1986); the outer protection sleeve has been eaten by rust worm and when I pull on the shock, the top-bush seems non existent (I think that's the source of one...
  13. D

    How Do I? wobbly door

    my 110 drivers door moves quite freely on the bottom hinge,any one know about replacement pins or not worth it.its also a trial of patience to close:(:yikes::fire_engine:
  14. S

    Diagrams / blueprints for a D110?

    Hi, anybody got a source for good diagrams, blueprint style, of a 110 Station Wagon? The main purpose is to be able to design stickers for it in the right proportions. We found some, but would have to pay for them and the site was highly suspicious...
  15. thereisawizza

    Defender 110 spare wheel carreier for alloys..

    Morning all! Have a standard wheel carrier mounted on rear door. When using my winter wheels which are steel modulars, the wheel is reversed and fitted to carrier no problem. Now the summer is here (allegedly!) I need to mount the alloy but as it has to be fitted the correct way round it fouls...
  16. P

    Clutch problems?

    Hi Just started having some clutch problems and looking for a few pointers... I've been without a handbrake for a while and have been leaving the vehicle in gear when parked on a slope. Was on a reasonably steep one the other day and after a few seconds I heard a bit of a high pitched grinding...
  17. farmerfred123

    110 SW Trim

    So, I've been respraying a 1996 300tdi SW defender, I happily removed a piece of trim that runs along the back of the seat box just buy where the second row passengers feet are. Now that the painting is finished I'm trying to find a new piece of trim to go here as the old one was a bit shabby...
  18. thereisawizza

    110 CSW self-levelling suspension

    Here's another dull one! Want to get a 2" lift kit for my Def, has self levelling suspension, do I need to do anything spesh or just remove it? Many thanks in advance as always!
  19. thereisawizza

    110 Utility conversion

    Hi all, I fully expect this has been done before but am looking to change my 300tdi 110 CSW into utility spec. Had this arangement on my Santana PS10 and loved it. Have got a spare set of 88" county side to play with (got for free so doesn't matter if I screw up) Was going to fab 2 x panels to...
  20. T

    Defender 110 1998 2" lift kit

    Hi I am considering getting a 2" lift kit for my defender 110 1998 as she has started caching the ground on afew off roading tracks. I was looking at Terrafirmas Allterrain shocks and springs. Apart from the obvious Springs Shocks Brake hoses + 50mm what else do i need? Do I need...
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