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300 tdi

  1. Steve Marquis

    Oh no, not another one! What could go wrong?...

    Hi esteemed team, I'm looking hard at another Landy to add to the fold and need some experienced eyes please. It's a 1994 registered Land Rover (Tithonus ex-MOD) Defender 110 TDi 300. I understand the history of the Tithonus, It looks just the job for the work we have in mind for it up here...
  2. L

    Help! 300TDI now running … but not well!

    Last year I had a really torrid time, I had been made redundant, I was doing a big favour for some nice neighbours, who were being horrible, different story but really stressful, and on top of that my mum was taken into hospital, all during lock down, generally not good all around!! On the...
  3. T

    Shagged 200tdi

    I've got a 110 with a 200tdi in it, it's blowing a lot of smoke and when I took the head off the bores are very worn. I've been looking for a replacement 200 but there aren't many about. However I have been offered a 300tdi for a reasonable price. I need some guidance on what I should do...
  4. larathedefender

    Winch Hydraulic pump turns the wrong way! 300tdi

    So, I have eventually gotten around to installing the hydraulic winch I've had in my garage for ages! It was a eBay purchase, apparently off a TD5. It's a mile marker winch and solenoid with what looks like a power steering pump for the hydraulics. I've done a bit of googling and every...
  5. D

    300tdi Boost Leak when its up to temperature

    Hi all, i would like some advice please. I've got a problem with my 300tdi leaking boost when its up to normal temperature. When the engine is cold it pulls fine and no issues but when it gets up to temperature there's a whistle, loss of power and black smoke when its at about 2500 rpm. I've...
  6. P

    Need Air condition kit for 300 TDi 1994 defender 90 model

    Hello people! I am looking to buy a used or a new air condition kit for my 300 TDi 1994 defender 90 model. Any ideas on where I can find one and ship it to Cyprus? Many Thanks Philip
  7. L

    LR 300 Tdi Failing Oil Pump

    Hi there, I have a landrover 300 Tdi and its sole purpose is to drive in the bush in Zambia. Last year, the oil pump failed but the car continued to be used until the engine seized. The cylinder head and engine block were replaced and a new oil pump fitted (and several other major repairs done)...
  8. L

    Transfer Case issues

    I have a 300 TDI Landrover and have been experiencing issues with the transfer case; there is a high pitch whine while driving the car (particularly noticeable in 4th and 5th gear) and the most worrisome symptom is the sign of metal filings in the transfer case (the gear oil was silver with tiny...
  9. W

    300tdi Defender alternator problem?

    My 300 tdi Defender does not seem to be charging the battery. It has also developed an annoying habit of cutting out if I load the electrics, such as switching to main beam. The alternator is a bout a year old and has not seen much action. I have checked and cleaned the three connections and all...
  10. S

    Engine Excahnge from 2.5 n.a. with R380 to 300 tdi

    Hello there, i am new to the forum and i have been reading up about engine exchanges for the last 2 days. I have a 1995 EX Mod 2 door 110 with a 2.5 l n.a. engine with a R380 gearbox. i would like to change over to a 300 tdi engine. this is what i have found out so far and please tell me if i...
  11. mazzofab

    200/300 Tdi turbo replacement

    I need to replace the turbo on my 200tdi Defender. Is here any replacement that will be a straight fit int? What options do I have, maybe by buying a replacement from a scrap yard? Also, I have the same problem with a 300 tdi so same questions apply. Thanks and regards to all!
  12. G

    Plastic Plug from 300Tdi

    Hi, I'm new to the forums so apologies if this is the wrong place... I'm after a bit of Land Rover knowledge and this seemed like the ideal place! I'm trying to find out any information on this plastic plug that we took from a 300Tdi, any info on where it fits, where I can source one etc...
  13. A

    300tdi auto disco no power

    hi, this is my first post so bear with me. i recently had my timing belt go at 70mph, i have been very lucky in the only damage seems to have been the pushrods. however when i have been on a journey if i stop then start up again within an hour or so it goes up to 1000rpm smokes a bit and does...
  14. L

    General Clutch Symptoms

    Just wondering... ...does anyone know what the symptoms would be if one was to put a clutch plate in the wrong way around? Specifically in my case, on a disco1 300 tdi? I fear I may have done this..:eek: can't see other reason why my clutch ain't workin'! Cheers Engineers!!!:D
  15. thereisawizza

    110 CSW 300tdi cutting out! Help!

    Hi all. Have a '97 R plate 110CSW 300tdi. Ran out of fuel at weekend (possibly), turned off ignition as soon as I realised this, refilled, started A OK. Unable to start today (no cranking, all normal lights on etc.) Left for a mo, started perfectly normally! Then cut out slowing down at...
  16. thereisawizza

    Defender 300 Tdi aerial loaction

    Hi all. Apologies if already on another thread, have def 300 and cannot find aerial? Where should I be looking for cable as am getting fed up with the same CD's!
  17. J

    How Do I? 300 tdi into 1989 110

    hello im tryin to put a 300 disco engine and box into a 110. the front of engine is hitting the power stearing if i put the old engine mounts on new engine will it move it back enough? and any hints on adapting the gear box mounts?
  18. S

    300 tdi auto problems

    i have a discovery 1 300 tdi auto ,,and it has just stopped working in reverse gear i.e. absolutely no drive what so ever and every forward gear is perfect...all suggestion appreciated
  19. Poulton

    How Do I? 300Tdi fuel injection pump timing

    Hi, replacing the fuel injection pump on my engine from auto EDC pump to Manual Mechanical pump. how do i ensure the fuel pump is in the correct timing postion? my engine is locked in Top dead centre (TDC) when I removed the old pump but the new pump is in the position it came off in (not TDC)...
  20. sameuinton

    why is my Defender radiator cold?

    I've noticed that my 300TDi Defender radiator is cold, even after a twenty mile drive with a horse trailer on. Temp gauge reads normal except for two minute-long episodes in the last year when it just touched "hot". Top hose and expansion tank are hot. Engine runs fine, not losing coolant. I...
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