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  1. S

    Rocker shaft squeaking

    Land Rover discover 1 300tdi So to start my discover 1 was excessive smoking and misfiring. Looking through forums it pointed to stem seals and new head gasket. So I too the cylinder head off and got it Skimmed. 5 of the stem seals wasn’t connected so Replaced the valves and fitted new stem...
  2. N

    1998 Disco 1 commercial - first project

    Hi All, new to the forum - be kind I have a limited opportunity to purchase a 1998 Disco 1 commercial and looking for some advise.. Its a high mileage engine but what should I be on the look out for other than rust and the rear chassis? What kind of price range would you expect to pay if in...
  3. J

    300 Tdi Coolant leak

    Evening all, Just spent the afternoon replacing the water pump and gasket, aswell as the P gasket after having a coolant leak from the general area. However, on refilling the system and bleeding any air I still have a leak from the bottom of the water pump, even though I used both a cardboard...
  4. Stu42

    Why is my Defender so slow...

    Hello all, Been a long time lurker & have gleaned many an answer from previous posts (thanks everyone!). Have an issue I just can't get to the bottom of & was hoping some here may be able to help. Excuse the long post but thought I should give as much info as possible to help any prospective...
  5. L

    Help! 300TDI now running … but not well!

    Last year I had a really torrid time, I had been made redundant, I was doing a big favour for some nice neighbours, who were being horrible, different story but really stressful, and on top of that my mum was taken into hospital, all during lock down, generally not good all around!! On the...
  6. J

    Radweld, yay or nay

    Changed the radiator in my 300tdi a year and half ago. However the new one has now developed a leak, I can’t bring myself to spend £110 on a new one and mess about fitting it. What does everyone think to putting radweld in it, or should I stop being cheap and get a new radiator? Cheers
  7. J

    R380 oil change

    Got a 300tdi 1996. Which I’ve had for a few years, now but it’s in desperate need for a gearbox oil and transfer box oil change. for the gearbox I was going to replace what’s in their with mtf94 as from what I’ve read that’s the best stuff. Problem is I don’t know what’s in their at the moment...
  8. michhross

    Total newbie to Defender restoration, help?!

    So my father and I have recently bought a 1988 Defender 110. We both have a large amount of mechanical knowledge but with both of us being new to the restoration scene and looking to not go for nuts-and-bolts restoration and instead find the middle ground for the functionality we need from it...
  9. C

    300tdi ignition switch wiring

    Can I please get someone to confirm the wiring for the ignition switch, looks like what I have is wrong and need to correct it to: pos 1 white/red pos 2 brown pos 3 white pos 5 orange/white Thanks
  10. C

    sorry another intermittent starter 300tdi

    Hi all This is my first post, I have a 1996MY 300TDI defender. Being based in France is a bit of a challenge as there is no one local to go to. We have had the dreaded "turn key to ignition switch pos III/crank nothing happens" problem, but I am trying to understand some of the symptoms better...
  11. T

    300tsd with Td5 speedo going haywire!

    Ive got a Td5 instrument pack in my 300tdi defender and recently the speedo needle has been jumping all over the place (even when stationary) Has anyone any idea what would cause this? And how to fix it. Will upload a video soon. Thanks Tom
  12. peaklander

    That old budgie chirp

    Hi all, 300TDi in a 110 CSW 1996. I know that there are many threads talking about this subject and believe me I have read a good chunk of them. The other day I replaced the bearing in my serpentine tensioner pulley to eliminate the chirp which has started to annoy me big time. I used an SKF...
  13. farmerfred123

    Expired 110 300tdi ex mod LHD 49,000 miles SW

    Hi, I have a 110 300tdi LHD with 49,000 mile on the clock. It was bought by me direct from the MOD having been rolled over. A new roof, doors and respray sorted it out pretty quick. I spent some serious money on it getting it into shape (obviously don't expect to recoup it all!), anyway I then...
  14. S


    Okay. I have a Defender with a 300tdi from a Discovery recently transplanted. It runs well and does not appear to overheat. However, the expansion header tank fills to the brim with coolant and the top of the radiator empties. I've bled the system through and replaced the expansion tank. No...
  15. R

    defender 110 300tdi 2 alternators in a week????

    Hey, can anyone help. our trusty Defender 110 300tdi has started eating alternators...... I am not sure if this is a result of the engine being jet washed following head gasket replacement...... but the horn stopped working, and the clock, and the main beam flash..... then the alternator...
  16. C

    Heater blower and headlamp confusion

    I have a strange situation. With no, or a blown fuse on the heater blower then I get no heater blower but fully working headlamps and full beam. Put a good fuse in and I get a working heater blower but I loose full bean, get on one side headlamp and flash, the other side nothing. Take the...
  17. T

    300tdi T seals or Packing strips - Injecting silicone?

    Hi, I went to change my clutch today as I thought It has been slipping. Turns out there was a good few L of engine oil in the Bellhousing! ( Bloody Wading plug! ) I suspect it is the T seals as I was not 100% happy with them when i put new ones in... I hear that you can instead inject where...
  18. T

    Did early 300tdi have a diff lock indicator?

    I'm in the process of buying an early (1994) 300tdi. Currently, the diff lock indicator does not illuminate although the diff lock is operational. The dealer says that early 300's did not have the indicator light and this would be confirmed if i talked to LR themselves. Is this true or am I...
  19. T

    300tdi to v8 How hard is it?

    I have a Discovery Baced 300tdi Defender 100" and was wondering how hard it would be to drop a Discovery V8 in - one with Carbs preferably- the less electronics the better! If i found a v8 to R380 Gbox mount would it sit on the same Engine mounts or would i need new ones? Wiring wise is it...
  20. T

    Expired Landrover Defender Parts, wiring harnesses, TDS winch parts, Interior trim

    Hi, having a shed tidy so here are some parts I have for sale. Wiring Cigarette wiring loom with connectors,Bulb and 1.5ishM of cable Discovery 1 front spot light Wiring loom with Connections Older style Dash plugs with 20cm of wire on them ( Snipped off a loom ) Wide type Indicator...
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