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  1. R

    nitro obd performance box

    I have just purchased but not yet fitted, a nitro obd2 performance box which plugs into the OBD socket, and I am curious to know if anyone has tried one in a 2010 diesel Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8. What sort of results can be expected? Any drawbacks? Possible damage?
  2. ER1C

    Transfer box teeth

    Look what greeted me when I popped the transfer box drain plug off.Worth worrying about ? I assume its fine and as long as it doesn't get worse (goodness knows how many others may have came off in the past but it sounds ok)
  3. W

    L322 Gearbox required urgently

    Hi, My gearbox decided to fail on me this morning :( so I'm searching for a reconditioned box to fit (completed with torque convertor), anybody know of one kicking about I could get my hands on? I've found one at a company called Jon Daunter Ltd down in Gloucestershire at £1245 delivered to...
  4. boddamese

    Need a decent recon steering box. Any tips?

    The steering box (4-bolt) is leaking badly from the top of the box. It was fitted 2 1/2 years ago. Its a recon unit from Paddocks. I suspect that the unit must have been rebuilt using B**tpart (S**tpart) seals due to their apparent poor quality (unless they managed to find an even worse...
  5. 1

    Were Twin Box / silencer exhausts for 88 & 109 Series Land Rover an option or export

    Just fitted a new Twin box Stainless exhaust system to my 109. Got it from Rimmers, who seem to be the only ones selling it. But the anorak in me wants to know, which vehicles had thse fitted? No it ain't life or death, just curious. Incidentally I'm going to put an ACR head cam SU carb etc on...
  6. A

    Series 11a Steering Box Failed MOT

    Hi My 1970 Series 11a has just failed its MOT due to a leaking steering box. I'm being told that refurbishment is not really an option as it's not guaranteed to work. Looking around I can find spare Series 111 steering boxes but not a series 11a. Are these parts interchangeable? Thanks
  7. Big Sandy

    Repair Guide Gear Box Oil Change

    Time to get dirty again folks! :) Changing the oils in the gearbox (also referred to as ‘the transmission’) is a whole lot easier if you have access to a pit, but it’s easy enough to do it without, so not to worry. There is plenty of room for you to lie on the ground under the vehicle to access...
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