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  1. Parr25

    Passenger foot well leak

    I decided to dive in head first and try my best to make my tin can of a defender sound solid. After sound proofing all of the boot i went ahead and put some dynamat into the foot wells. When pushing of the material to stick it to the metal it didnt take to much force before i could see the road...
  2. Hawkes77

    Bulkhead cover/storage

    Hi all, I'm new to the Defender world so please be kind! I have a question, does anyone know a solution to protecting the back of the seat area, across the bulkhead bars? I've got stereo and CB wires at the back of the cubby box and the dog keeps getting messed up in it all. Would be great if...
  3. J

    Bulkead Part Number

    Can anyone tell me if ALR9946 is the right part number for a 1995 300tdi Defender 110 bulkhead/instrument panel? Thanks.
  4. Grandaddy_low

    Bulkhead to far back

    I'm trying to align the bulkhead on my S3 after it was off for some welding as part of the rebuild. It is about half an inch to far back (see pics). Supplied with the two bolds were four nets, so two each side. Rather than locking the nuts against each other I am wondering if they should be...
  5. Grandaddy_low

    Bulkhead to steering box bracket clearance

    Hi, I have taken my bulkhead off to repair. Painted and back on, but the steering box is way out. It is supposed to be shimmed up, but surely not by about 12mm!? The shims that came off were about 3mm, if that. The toe boxes are more or less right: using 'old' metal as a reference, the...
  6. ER1C

    Front Bulkhead Mis-aligned - door doesnt fit

    I have started a new thread as the old one I had was difficult to follow... I have repaired my front bulkhead which was literally just filler, so I cut it back inserted a top left (drivers side) repair panel and I have put it back together. I had to rush as winter is coming and I planned to...
  7. A

    How interchangeable are 2A and 3 bits??

    Hi, I'm sure this seems a really stupid question but I have just bought a 1961 2A and wondered how interchangeable body/chassis bits are. E.g. - can I throw an S3 bulkhead onto my S2A chassis? Many thanks, Agent mMm
  8. AnalogKid

    Calling Continental Td5 Owners...

    Could some one please post a bonnet-up pic of a LHD Td5? I've just picked up the only new bulkhead in NZ and its a LHD Td5, and I need to convert it to RHD 200Tdi spec, and do so before I remove my current bulkhead. I can't figure out what a couple of the fittings are and whether they should...
  9. AnalogKid

    The slowest 110 restoration ever?

    So I started going through the motions of selling my 110. I mentioned it to a few people in the club, tried to rationalise the deal to myself (sell it and use the money to by a 'normal' car and a series SWB for the weekends), even washed and polished and took it to the beach car park for a...
  10. T

    WANTED! Series 3 passenger footwell!

    Hi. Anyone got a passenger side footwell i can buy off them? Will give a good price! Would be ideal if you had a Paypal account then i can send you the money that way instead of a slow cheque! Thanks
  11. Poulton

    Fixings hard to come by, where can I find them?

    Hi, some of these fixings need to be replaced on the wings and floor/bulkhead areas (see Image). Have tried some of my local fixings suppliers and none have anything similar. Whats the name of these and where may I find them? Cheers. James.
  12. series3100

    Contrary to common belief - Td5 bulkheads...

    Hi all, This is just some info for peoples future reference regarding Td5 bulkheads and servos... Although people seem to think the series servo wont fit on a TD5 bulkhead because it will be too close to the clutch pedal box and/or steering column this is not correct. It is very very...
  13. JonathonMarshall

    Footwell repair sections?

    The land rover is hopefully going in to get some work done on Tuesday and the passenger footwell has a hefty hole in it. It is seemingly beyond plating but i cannot find any 'new footwells' or associated repair sections - so hows it going to be fixed??
  14. JayHoe

    TD5 To Series III Bulkhead Conversion

    My bulkhead has reached the end of its life; in fact it should have been put down years ago! The top rail is totally shot, both foot wells are holed and rusted and at least one of the feet is seriously corroded. The answer is to either find a replacement – rare as hens teeth in good condition...
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