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  1. Charlie Roberts

    200 TDI disco comversion with defender clutch servo?

    Hi, i have an 88” series 3 with a disco 200tdi. Id like a lighter clutch… I seen this defender 200tdi clutch servo kit on ebay, id like a second opinion. Do you think this would work with a discovery 200tdi engine? I understand that it might be hard to mount it in the engine bay, im sure it...
  2. T

    300tdi to v8 How hard is it?

    I have a Discovery Baced 300tdi Defender 100" and was wondering how hard it would be to drop a Discovery V8 in - one with Carbs preferably- the less electronics the better! If i found a v8 to R380 Gbox mount would it sit on the same Engine mounts or would i need new ones? Wiring wise is it...
  3. R

    Expired RHD to LHD Kit Wanted

    Hi All, I'm looking to swap my 1999 Defender 110 from a RHD to LHD. If anyone wants to do the reverse, contact me to swap. Or, if you have any extra parts for LHD conversion, let me know! Thanks! Ransom Vehicle is in the UK.
  4. A

    Td to Tdi200 Conversion Problem

    Hi all, I have recently done my first conversion of a Landrover 90 Td to200Tdi from a Disco. I managed to do the whole conversion with the luxury of my mates workshop complete with vehicle lift and crane. Starting on a Saturday morning I was lucky to be able to complete the changeover and...
  5. Series Affair

    Virgin V8 Conversion

    I have a petrol Series 3 88" SWB Utility. OK I've found a lowish-mileage twin-carb 3.5 from an A-reg e-Army 110. The bloke that's selling it says he will do the transplant including' knocking-up' an exhaust system for £450 after I've bought the basic conversion kit from QT (which costs about...
  6. P

    Digital TV Switch Over Conversion What Is Your Local Local Land Rover Dealer Saying

    Dear All, In the last 18 months, various areas of the country have switched over to digital TV and I have had numerous emails and telephone calls from very disgruntled vehicle owners looking to switch their now defunct analogue TV's to digital. The general word on the street from all...
  7. S

    Defender Bonnet on a Series IIA

    Hi All, I am new to the whole land rover world so you will have to forgive me if this is a stupid question, I am looking at buying a Late Series IIA (1971) of a guy i know with a striaght 2.5 Diesel Defender Engine fitted into it, First off anyone see any problem with a defender engine in...
  8. oil dripper

    One man and his 90 live landy cam

    looks like he,s having fun,bit hit or miss when he,s on air but its a live feed http://www.livestream.com/badgerset
  9. D

    110 3 to 5 door conversion?

    Hi, I'm completely new to the world of Land Rovers and I'm going to test drive my first '03 Defender 2.5tdi 110 on Saturday. I'm just wondering is it possible to turn a 110 3 door into a 110 5 door? I believe they're also known as a CSW? Thanks, doc75
  10. B

    200 TDI Conversion

    Ive got a 2.5TD that now lacks power due to old age. What will i need other than an engine to do this conversion. Is it worth it? Greatfull for any comments
  11. Zeaphod

    series 2 V's series 3 ownership

    Hi all. I've got the chance to buy a 1966 series 2 with a pug diesel conversion. I've previously owned and loved a couple of series 3s. Are there any major down sides to the older brother? Or indeed to this conversion. apparently its a 2.3 engine, and the box has overdrive. I'm going to...
  12. MattMAtt

    Series V8 Conversion Qs

    So I'm slowly getting a loads of s/h bits to plonk a 3.9 Efi in to the series, replacing the 200TDi - not because I don't like the oil burner, it's a brill conversion, but just because I like the NOISE:D of the V8 and it came cheaply One question - does anyone have or know of a...
  13. T

    I need some LPG help PLEASE!!!

    Hi everyone. RIght heres my story (Deep Breath!!) Im 17 (Yes, years old!!) and drive my series 3 landy to school every day, which is obviously costing me a fortune, so i have converted it to run on gas, BUT (AND ITS A BIG ONE!!) i cannot find anyone to pressure test it for me!! I want someone...
  14. M

    Isuzu 2.8 conversion not enough room for alternator!!!

    Has anybody had problems with alternator hitting steering box?? I bought this engine already fitted to a range rover classic. Wanted to fit it to my defender with r380 box when offered up found adaptor plate bolts hitting bell housing. Changed bell housing with one off range rover which was...
  15. Pollywog

    Santana PS10 axles & brakes

    Hi all, I understand that the disc brake conversion sold by TIC/CPC/Haystee is based on Santana PS-10 parts but how much different are they to the original PS-10 parts that they copy? There is a Santana dealer near by and I was wondering; if I could find a Santana being broken would the hubs &...
  16. lvdxd00

    Liquid petrolium Gas Conversion

    I was wondering if anyone has underfloor gas tanks fitted to a SWB? I would like to go gas powered but dont want to loose load space as I am going to fit forward facing rear seats for my kids Cheers Dave
  17. Satancom

    Upgrade Guide Rover 3.5 V8 Into A Series III 109

    I fitted a 3.5 Rover V8 into my 109" series III, this article details the modifications I had to do to make it fit and work :) This is assuming you have a complete engine with all ancillaries, or a donor vehicle, and that you intend to keep the series running gear. Items needed Conversion...
  18. series3100

    Contrary to common belief - Td5 bulkheads...

    Hi all, This is just some info for peoples future reference regarding Td5 bulkheads and servos... Although people seem to think the series servo wont fit on a TD5 bulkhead because it will be too close to the clutch pedal box and/or steering column this is not correct. It is very very...
  19. lvdxd00

    SWB Series conversions/improvments

    I was wondering will the swivels from a rrc axle fit to a series axle? If they did I could convert to disc brakes. Also Would a td90 turbo exhaust manifold fit to a 2.25 petrol engine? If it did I could turbo a petrol engine. problems if it did would be the servo for the brakes and the vacuum...
  20. Satancom

    24v To 12v Conversion

    I have recently completed a conversion from 24v to 12v on my SIII 109" FFR. I converted to 12v as I was fitting a V8 and found this was probably as good a time as any to do the conversion. The ignition had been converted by a previous owner so it was neither 12v or 24v This task will be made...
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