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  1. Parr25

    Oil Pressure And Engine Oil Levels

    Having recently bought my first defender 90 2009 Tdci, I was wondering whether there was an engine oil light on the dashboard, and any other oil level lights as well as oil pressure sensors. As was checking the dipstick every other day to ensure that I’m not going to seize the bugger is getting...
  2. J

    R380 oil change

    Got a 300tdi 1996. Which I’ve had for a few years, now but it’s in desperate need for a gearbox oil and transfer box oil change. for the gearbox I was going to replace what’s in their with mtf94 as from what I’ve read that’s the best stuff. Problem is I don’t know what’s in their at the moment...
  3. R

    3.9 Oil Pressure Gauge

    Hello. I want to fit an Oil Pressure gauge to my 95 3.9 Discovery 1 I have found the pressure switch at the top of a tube shape casting above the filter. Is it possible to screw a Tpiece into the pump as there doesn’t look enough space? Thanks in advance PS Oil Temp would be nice too.
  4. mikeau

    Products Explained Snake Oil!

    Information for this article was compiled from reports and studies by the University of Nevada Desert Research Center, DuPont Chemical Company, Avco Lycoming (aircraft engine manufacturers), North Dakota State University, Briggs and Stratton (engine manufacturers), the University of Utah...
  5. G

    oil in the thermstat TD5 II

    Hi I have just managed to get my old thermostat out. The car had been overheating. I found the radiator was cold and it was using a lot of coolant. I tracked down some leaks, due to loose clips and at the time didn't know the correct procedure to get the air out of the system. On removing...
  6. L

    LR 300 Tdi Failing Oil Pump

    Hi there, I have a landrover 300 Tdi and its sole purpose is to drive in the bush in Zambia. Last year, the oil pump failed but the car continued to be used until the engine seized. The cylinder head and engine block were replaced and a new oil pump fitted (and several other major repairs done)...
  7. A

    Wrong Oil - Is It Bad?

    Usually i drive the car, a freelander but yesterday my wife drove it and last time i checked the oil level, few weeks ago less than a month, the level was more than ok. Yesterday she got an avery with the car and could drive normaly, so it appearce it was because of no oil in the engine !!! So...
  8. D

    TD5 strange values in oil pressure

    Hello everyone! I come here for help, because I'm going crazy. I'm trying to finish restoring a Defender TD5 2005 and the oil pressure is very strange. When the Defender is cold in the morning, pressure reaches 85psi easily at idle, if I press the accelerator a little it can reach 115psi and...
  9. O

    Products Explained Engine Oil Viscosity

    Viscosity is the most misunderstood aspect of oil and yet it is the most important. Viscosity is the force required to shear (break) the oil at a certain speed and temperature. Oils work because they have viscosity; the drag of a rotating part pulls oil from a low-pressure area into a high...
  10. boddamese

    General Bulk buying oil

    Anyone tried bulk buying oil to reduce the cost? I tended to buy it as-needed until my local Asda had a special offer (4L Castrol GTX 15W/40 = £12 usual price £20). After buying as much as I could reasonably get away with I started thinking about where to get it in bulk. Anyone had any joy...
  11. D

    Possible stupid question re LT85 gearbox

    OK here goes. I need to do an oil change, got under the landy today only to find the drain plug sitting directly above the chassis cross member. I have the right diameter square drain adaptor but cannot get access using a standard socket. So, how do you get to it? Any special tools out there...
  12. Grassetto

    Hello from Italy

    Hello to everybody, I want to introduce myself, my name is Eugenio, I 'm from Padova, Italy, I like old cars , I have recently bought a Land Rover 88 sw 1981 bronze green and I have spent with her 3000 km on the Alps. I have some minor problems to fix and I will enjoy to solve all of them ...
  13. A

    Cruise control and gearbox.

    Hi, My 2002 disco gearbox goes very stiff after using cruise control on the motorway. It doesn't go stiff when on the motorway without cruise control. Anyone got any ideas of a cause or a solution? I'm going to do a complete oil change as soon as I can just incase. Auryn
  14. karona

    Sump Plug to Temp Sender Adaptor

    Hi all. Has anyone in the forum used the sump plug adaptor to install a temperature gauge sender. The reason behind this is to get a reading of the temperature of the oil in the sump, thus hopefully getting early warning of a rise above the norm. Not sure where else to get a accurate oil temp...
  15. O

    FREE SHIPPING at Opie Oils until 27 July 2011 – No Minimum Spend

    Hi Folks, We've got free shipping until Midnight Wednesday 27 July 2011 at Opie Oils with no Minimum spend needed. To receive Free Shipping at Opie Oils to you will need to enter Voucher Code: FREEPOST Free Shipping applies to United Kingdom mainland orders, including Highlands. For any...
  16. K

    2.5di (York) Transit 1985/1989 - which oil

    Can anyone recommend a suitable oil for the engine on my series 3 please. I'm happy to buy the best oil to keep it running smoothly. Thanks Kieron
  17. B

    Oil Level way too High

    Hi, I have a TD5, love it apart from the leaky sunroof. A/C is not working - dye shows a leaky pipe and to top it off the dip stick is showing oil (very clear oil) way above the mark and coolant is down. Any ideas? Also does anyone know a good Land Rover Independent garage nr...
  18. tonymjames

    Water in rear axle after wading

    Hi, did a bit of wading Sunday, (and got stuck!) water came into the cab. I have a Detroit Locker diff and on the way home it made more noise than usual. Drained the axle and there were 2 pints of grey gunge out of the filler before I drained 2 more via the drain plug. I am guessing it is...
  19. LordDoig

    Heartbeat off selling my first Land Rover SIII...

    So... (and btw this relates to a SIII 4cyl petrol 88)... After completing 150 miles easy peasy and rectifying the problem with the clutch she's now decided to throw more problems in my face... White smoke coming into the cab from the passenger side, apparently coming from a metal tube...
  20. karona

    Transfer and Auto Gearbox Oil Change (Saga)

    I have just recently changed the oil in the Auto Box (Inc Filter) plus the oil in the Transfer Box. I took loads of pictures and have some tales to tell. But before i start the post i have one question. Is there a limit on the numbers of pictures i can attach? As a picture saves a thousand...
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