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  1. Parr25

    Passenger foot well leak

    I decided to dive in head first and try my best to make my tin can of a defender sound solid. After sound proofing all of the boot i went ahead and put some dynamat into the foot wells. When pushing of the material to stick it to the metal it didnt take to much force before i could see the road...
  2. Blairnz

    Importing L405 to NZ - Rust issues

    Hey all, general question - I am looking to import a 2014-2016 RR L405 from UK to NZL and have had a red flag on potential rust issues that will stop any compliance if there is any rust under the vehicle, we don’t treat our roads with much salt for ice, and have lessor wet days… do you have...
  3. N

    Rust Discovery Sport

    Hello- I’m hoping for some advice on the rust on a discovery sport 2017 (89k miles-buying a used car)..... the garage have said it’s been checked and not a problem. I’ve had an Evoque before, and still have a 11 year old freelander 2 with nothing like this! What do folks think-anything to worry...
  4. hlarry

    Rust in and Range Rover (2010 year)

    I would be gratful for some pointers. I am looking at a 2010 Range Rover but the car is on the far side of the country so it is potentially a "buy and deliver" transaction. The mileage is low relatively (under 40,000), there is a full service history and good MOT record so it all sounds good...
  5. K

    What's the best Rustproofing Treatment Paint

    I normally use Waxoyl on my Landy - but recently read a blog post on POR-15 it appears to be an American product. Is it any good, any feedback appreciated. I've just been looking at these rustproofing kit bundles online that appear reasonably priced...
  6. G

    Preserving my D4

    Hi. I may be a bit old fashioned in asking this but do any of you take measures to restrict chassis corrosion? I have a 2010 D4 TDV6 with 75k mileage I have owned since 2012 and it has been excellent. I love it. I use it to tow a 2000kg caravan (no, don't switch off!!) about 6k miles a year and...
  7. S

    93' Defender 90 Rebuild

    Hi all, I thought this would be a good place to document my re-build along with photos and headaches. The family run farm have had this Defender since 97 and it has been slowly disintegrating ever since. This is just a placeholder for now while I gather pictures of the journey so far (which...
  8. D

    Dinitrol protection

    hello, I have a disco 2 2004, I was looking at rust proofing. I came across Dinitrol protection. Has anyone had this done? I was was quoted £480 for under body, chassis along with door cavities and sill areas. I looks like a reasonable price, i am just not sure if it is any good. Regards rob
  9. Richie_asg1

    Flushing Radiators and cleaning

    I read this and thought it may interest others. - Patent for cleaning automotive radiators. I thought I would spend the £5 on a rad flush product, but would probably need to do it again, and again, so that is about £15 of my money I was about to flush :flushed: But as I was buying Oxalic acid...
  10. G

    Best Rust proofer / preventative

    Just about to get my Disco 2 TD5, as i foray back into landy ownership. Early (very early) stages of tin worm (rust) on inner wings and rear arches (usual suspect areas), limited to surface at the moment. On inner wings seems to be the trapped dirt between the arch trim and arch/inner wing is...
  11. F

    Inner wing removal...

    Hello: I used to be on this forum a lot years ago, but marriage, children etc... You know how it goes! Anyway, I'm back, with a request for some guidance. Last week, a berk in a Merc decided to cut me up on a roundabout, and although he came off silver medallist, my poor 18 year old Disco...
  12. barondeblot

    Hammerite Paint - permitted or sacrilege on a Discovery 1

    Having tackled the tailgate lock to replace the broken spring responsible for the limp latch I wanted to find out what the Discovery community is thinking about the use of Hammerite on non-visible parts? Following an enormous struggle to get the tailgate lock assembly out of the very tight...
  13. G

    To Patch or Change Boot Floor Panel?

    Hello, here are a couple of pictures of my rusty Disco boot floor. Apart from the hole shown the rest of the floor is solid. Is it ok to just patch it up? Will it be pass MOT?
  14. Disco Richie

    Common MOT failure reasons for disco 2

    Hi all apart from the dreaded tin worm in the chassis etc, what are common failure reasons with the disco 2? Off road tyre damage? Wheel Bearings? Mine is due next month, had to change a wheel bearing last time...... just wondered if anything was worth a look at prior to going to the ministry...
  15. F

    Rust eaten a nasty hole

    got the wire brush out today and had a poke around in where the battery goes as you can see in pics turned into a right nasty hole :( Ive given it a treatment of jenolites to stop the attack but needs surgery Are there replacements for this available or will some pop rivet patching have to...
  16. Disco Richie

    Rust on door panels just below side windows under rubber trim

    Hi All, How easy is it to remove the rubber trims on the Disco as I seem to have rust bubbling underneath - the rubber is swollen in places and feels lumpy to the touch, it has to be rust. Presumably the water gets in from above and cant get out... cheers Richie
  17. A

    Rusty Rear window frames

    Both of the rear window frames on my 03 Discovery II are rusting at the bottom. Does anyone know the cheapest way of sourcing and fitting new frames? I've spotted rust in the same spot on lots of other Discos. Anthony
  18. S

    They don't make 'em like they used to

    What is it with the old Land Rovers? I've seen quite a few Series vehicles lately, and all have been in perfect driving/working condition. Now these were no museum pieces. Paint had rubbed off everywhere, the bodywork was full of dents and they had muck and dirt all round. But the rear...
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