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  1. starvin marvin

    V8 conversion

    Hi all. Ive recently purchased an Ex RAF marshal body ambulance. Im in the process of modernising it and converting it into an offroad camper for taking my daughters away. Im looking at doing an engine swap on it and im leaning towards fitting a V8 so i dont have to change the fuel system on it...
  2. R

    General 14CUX injector banks

    Hello again. I cannot get my head around the ECU firing 4 injectors at once as a bank. Is this correct? So 3 lots of fuel gets wasted and 1 used. Surely not. I can understand wasted spark but I am missing something here. Thank you in advance.
  3. tomtomtom

    Pieces of metal in Plenum/Intake manifold, What happened.

    I have a the v8 in a 96 disco, I have found Pieces of metal in my Plenum located it down to cylinder 4, piston is broken on an edge, kinda looks like it melted? how can this happen?, it ran like a dream, then suddenly as I drove along one day it started to die, ran like crap, limped it home now...
  4. H

    Expired FTC3922 - R380 to Rover V8 Bellhousing

    As in the title. Needed for 3.9EFi into Defender conversion. Thanks
  5. R

    STOLEN: LR Defender 90 V8 from Royal Terrace Edinburgh 30/31 July 2016 HELP!

    HI,I am new to the forum and post with very sad news. My pride and joy All black V8 defender was stolen from the Royal Terrace Edinburgh on the night of 30th/ 31st July. I would appreciate if anyone has any information.Registration: C61 PTF (looks like a defender but is actually a 90 first reg...
  6. LR90 lad

    Expired For sale - Landrover 90 - Completely rebuilt

    A Completely rebuilt 1984 Landrover 90 with a 3.9 EFI V8 and autobox conversion Below is a brief list of the work carried out New swivel balls, bearings, grease, wheel bearings, diff oils New TD5 front vented discs and calipers fit, new brake lines and braided hoses all round including...
  7. G

    Disco 1 V8 - Major oil leak

    Hello all, I am the 'lucky' owner of a 1997 Discovery 1 3.9l V8 which up until now has been relatively trouble-free. However the oil light came on the other day so I checked it to find it was dry!. Filled it up and drove 20 miles and checked again and was dry again. Oil seem to over the back...
  8. G

    My Series 3 109 V8 Heater Control Solution

    Firstly thank you for all the posts that have helped me in the rebuild of my Stage 1 V8. So to return the favor the following is how I solved the heater control valve issue using the Caterham Sports car valve. Attached is my description of the process, a drawing for the bracket that I made to...
  9. mazzofab

    Dico V8 4.0 Cylinder Head Warp

    My Disco 2 overheated. We removed the heads and took them to test and the engineering are saying that they are warped and nothing can be done. Since I live in Africa and do not trust mechanical skills of people here I just wanted confirmation on how to check it. I had a similar issue with my 300...
  10. D

    Recommendation for a Mechanic in South East London please!

    Hi Can I get recommendations please for a mechanic in South East London (the closer to Greenwich the better) who has experience of working on carb fed v8's. If they were mobile too, that would be perfect! Thanks very much. James.
  11. Stephen4.6110

    Problems fitting LT 230 to my auto v8 110

    Hi I fitted a low compression 4.6 V8 with Auto and BW to my 3.5 V8 Manual 1985 110 some years ago. I have never been to happy with the performance ( max speed only 70 - 80 and 8.5 mpg ) and have thoughts that the ratios were wrong with having the BW transfer box. Having blown up the BW i have...
  12. T

    Petrol Engines V8 3.5L Twin stomberg carb running on propane?

    Hi , Living on the isle of Mull we have no LPG filling station. So i was wondering what the legal side is of running off red propane bottles. I know its possible but what about tax and cost of doing this? Other option is i have access to a 2000l LPG tank which was used for a restaurant...
  13. T

    300tdi to v8 How hard is it?

    I have a Discovery Baced 300tdi Defender 100" and was wondering how hard it would be to drop a Discovery V8 in - one with Carbs preferably- the less electronics the better! If i found a v8 to R380 Gbox mount would it sit on the same Engine mounts or would i need new ones? Wiring wise is it...
  14. Malcolm Tent

    Petrol Engines Poor Cold Starting on LPG

    My V8 (OMVL R90E, single point, open loop, twin SUs) has developed an annoying fault from a cold start on LPG. It actually starts as well as it always did, drives fine for about 300 metres then seems to be suffering fuel starvation and the power drops right off. After a couple of minutes it...
  15. D

    SOS - Need help - otherwise this Defender is for the scrapyard...

    Apologies if this sounds depressing, but I've just - yet again - tried to start my Defender with no success. So, I'm coming to the end of my tether with her which is a shame because I've had her 10yrs+ and done alot of work on her. She's beautiful in NATO Matt Black with lots of chequer plate...
  16. Chouet

    3.9efi V8 90 cold idle problem

    Hi all This is my first post, having just purchased an '87 90 fitted with a disco 3.9 V8 and auto box. It is also multipoint LPG. It won't idle when started from cold, but is ok when up to temperature. It starts first turn, but needs a bit of throttle to keep it going. I've looked for vacuum...
  17. A

    Advice on rebuilding a Landy V8 engine

    Hey Folks I am about to embark on rebuilding a Land Rover 3.5L V8 Engine, which i will put into my 110. I was just wondering who here has rebuilt a V8? What tips do you have? What should I look out for? What lessons you learnt? etc. Thanks
  18. T

    Help please - Alternator Problem or Battery problem?

    I'm planning camping trip in 3 days so would appreciate your help before that please :cool: Came back from a month in the UK and Landy started well and drove as normal for a whole day last week (even with the A/C on for 15 mins just to keep the system lubed). Took her out on Sunday night in the...
  19. seismic

    DISTRIBUTOR/CARB Vacuum problem.

    My carb.vacuum pipes were disconnected recently i may have got them mixed up can anyone help?. 1986 90 v8 with a Lucas 35DM8 distributor fitted with vacuum advance and vacuum retard pipes. There are three vacuum take of points to supply- vacuum advance, vacuum retard and the hot air vent in the...
  20. B

    How Do I? bmw v8 4.0 into my defender 90

    hi all as the title states, have got my hands on a complete bmw 4.0l v8 auto car for which im going to transplant into my 90, im taking out the 3.5 v8 rover lump as the rings are starting to wear and compression is really low im planning on using an old 3 speed auto box from an early range...
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