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Read this before you buy from Rimmer Brothers

G r a h a m

I ordered an exhaust mounting kit from Rimmer Brothers for my SIII.

It arrived, without the lower half of the tailpipe clamp (part number 240087).

I phoned then up and said it was missing; the guy (Toby) said he'd check what should be in the kit and call me back. I gave him my mobile number and told him to call me on that.

There then followed several days of voicemail ping-pong: I would leave messages asking him to call my mobile; he would call my home number and leave a message asking me to call him before five; I would find his message when I got home; next morning I would leave another message asking him to call my mobile, etc etc ad nauseum. The upshot of which was that:

i) Their suppliers do not have the part in stock, therefore they cannot supply it.
ii) They do not accept that a mounting kit which is missing a vital part, needed to mount an exhaust, is incomplete.
iii) They will not refund the cost of obtaining the part elsewhere (50p + VAT).

I pointed out that they should have warned me that the kit was incomplete before selling it; Toby reiterated that they do not accept that the kit is incomplete, nor that it is inadequate for mounting an exhaust, even though it does not contain a part vital for securing the tailpipe.

Naturally, I do not blame them for their supplier being unable to supply a part. But by selling me an "exhaust mounting kit" which does not contain the parts needed to fit an exhaust, they have defrauded me. And I am less than impressed by this bunch of bandits.

Was that part included as part of the "mounting kit" and did they charge you?

I used Jake Wright when I did mine and I got the complete system, and it was a real mix of parts as it was for V8, 6 cylinder 109. I gave them the part nos and they ticked them off, right down to all the nuts and bolts. Everything I got from them fitted on the Landy.

Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. I've never used Rimmer Bros, I did ask for a quote from them for a stainless steel exhaust system but wasn't satisfied that they could provide the correct part numbers as I specified them at the time. I was looking for a real mix and match as I wanted as many genuine parts as possible which Jake Wright provided, although I never got the bling stainless steel exhaust. Can't say what Jake Wright is like now, but was great at the time. :)
They can believe the kit is complete all they want, but they can't ignore it fails to do as described.

A full refund is due to you.


Yeah, to be fair they did offer a refund if I returned the entire kit, however (being in a hurry 'cos the MOT is coming up) I had already used various bits from the kit to fit the exhaust (along with garden wire to secure the tailpipe). And I don't want a refund, I want the bits needed to fit my exhaust.

In answer to adrianandkate: Their website didn't specify what was in a "fitting kit", however one would reasonably assume that it should include all the parts needed to fit an exhaust.

It's not the money that ****es me off (although a 59p refund accompanying the apology that they haven't made wouldn't go amiss), it's the fact that they knowingly sold me something which was incomplete, and then had the nerve to deny it.
just an update on this, a little over 18 months ago i bought a full stainless sports exhaust for my range rover v8 at a cost of just over £500, im in the progress of converting to diesel now and have just removed the system, there is some damage to the rear pipe as i crushed it slightly when i reversed into somthing but that aint my issue, what really annoys me is that with a little over 18 months use and around 12 months use of the mid box as i initially had a straight though pipe in place the system is rusty as hell. this is after only around 5000 miles of mainly road usage.
I know someone who bought a stainless steel exhaust system from Rimmer Bros for his "52" Series 1 80 inch and within weeks of fitting it went rusty. Rimmer Bros refused to accept it wasn't right and refused to refund him his money or accept a return and refund. This company is best avoided!
I know someone who bought a stainless steel exhaust system from Rimmer Bros for his "52" Series 1 80 inch and within weeks of fitting it went rusty. Rimmer Bros refused to accept it wasn't right and refused to refund him his money or accept a return and refund. This company is best avoided!
I've used Rimmers for several years and never had a problem. Excellent service. I'd say there was more to this story than you're telling us.
I bought my stainless big bore from them and came very securely packed in a large box. Silencer still shiny 6 years on but main pipes are corroding but still strong. I accept that there are different grades of stainless steel and some will rust.
There is a misconception that Stainless Steel means no rusting... cheap stainless steel, i.e 409 grade will start to rust after the first couple of uses, where as 304 stainless will discolour but will last a lot longer.
Cost is a factor, the better grade the more £'s it costs, but also the better grade the harder it is to bend and weld. It is not unknown to see different grades used on a single exhaust system for different functions, i.e. the silencer made from the top grade while the main pipe made from a cheap grade to make it easier to shape it around the axles and stuff.

In the instance of the complaint above that a product from Rimmers has rusted quick, Rimmers did not manufacturer the product, they are just a retailer. They have not done anything wrong to state the product is stainless steel, as it will have been. Did the person buying ask about what grade it was? Doubt it... as said at the start, the misconception is that Stainless steel does not rust! The difference is, even though it has started to rust, it most likely would still last a good 5-6 years if not more before rusting out.

Noticed how manufacturers exhausts fitted when they are built last a good 5 years or so and they are not stainless, they are often Aluminized Steel, cheaper than stainless but gives a good life span compared to standard steel system that most quick fit garages sell which your lucky to get 2 years out of them.
On the occasions I have used Rimmer Bros, I have always found them helpful. That said I have never had to ask them to resolve any problems.
One of the companies which makes stainless exhausts is P.D. Gough near Nottingham. Their exhausts have a life guarantee.
Not the life of the exhaust but the life of the vehicle. Their opinion of SS exhausts is unprintable
From memory I paid £500 for a pair of tubular manifolds and a "Y" pipe for a V8 from P.D. Gough.
Drove to their workshop, they put it on the ramp and bent a bespoke system there and then.
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