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Tales Of The Unexpected - Part 24

Tales Of The Unexpected - Part 24

In my last blog, I told the story of an epic journey in my first ever Land Rover.

As I mentioned, the vehicle was a 1972 Series 3 2.25 Diesel Hardtop.

A few months after my return from our trip, the vehicle failed its MOT on a long list of items, so my friend and I decided to strip and rebuild it.

We had already carried out a comprehensive rebuild of his Series 2, which we had done various things to, including rebuilding a V8 and putting it in in place of the 2.25 petrol original, and then removing that after 6 months and putting in a Perkins 3 litre diesel engine.

I'm afraid I have lost a lot of the photos that we took (it was 25 years ago) but here is a selection of those that I have.

First step, put the Land Rover in my dad's garage, and start to remove bits:


We removed the floor and seat box:


and the rear tub:


(I've cheated, as the above photo was taken when we started putting everything back together - as you can see, we rebuilt the axles and painted them, replaced the propshaft, and all the suspension and brake lines.)

When we had removed the engine and gearbox, we shoved the rollong chassis outside whilst we rebuilt the mechanicals.

You can see in the next two photos that the footwells had pretty much had it, but the bulkhead wasn't too bad overall:



This was in the days before the aftermarket spares scene for Land Rover really got going, Paddock spares existed, but they were still working out of a barn at Elton, and things like refurbished series 3 bulkheads and galvanised chassis didn't exist as an off-the-shelf item.

We therefore had to fabricate our own repair panels for the bulkhead, and we effectively plated the whole chassis in new steel from front to back with new outriggers and spring hangers etc bought from Paddocks.

We stripped and rebuilt the gearbox and transfer box, and then started on the engine:


As you can see, it's a three-main-bearing 2.25 Diesel.

And here it is with the sump, clutch housing and water pump attached:


To be continued...
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