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series iii

  1. daveslatter

    Series 3 LWB Axle Rebuild Question

    I'm in the process of rebuilding both the front (normal) and rear (Salisbury) axles for my series 3 LWB. The question I have is, as I attached the drive flange (Part # 571711) to the hub, I realized that there seem to be nothing holding the axle shaft (Part # 576767) from sliding out on the rear...
  2. TannersLandy

    Series 3S Help

    Hello Everyone, Hoping you could shed some information on my Land Rover. I have what I believe to be a 1984 Series IIIS, a former military truck from SA, with the straight 6 petrol 2.6L engine (R6). Any info you have on these trucks would be greatly appreciated. Anyone have any pictures of...
  3. BigSmegHead

    Replacing SIII dashboard binnacle

    Hi Group. My old SIII plastic dash binnacle/shroud has seen better days. I see that Raptor Engineering manufactures a replacement SIII shroud in steel: https://www.raptor-engineering.co.uk/product/s111-binnacle-mount/ .. and Brooks Engineering manufactures a replacement Defender shroud in...
  4. alisterg

    Fancy A Bit Of Modelling?

    As previously confessed, I do a bit of railway modelling when not fixing Land Rovers. On a railway modelling forum I frequent, we were discussing the fact that there are very few 1/76 or 1/72 scale models of civilian Land Rovers around, particularly the short wheelbase Series 2, 2A and 3...
  5. T

    Series III 1976 109 Trick Cab won't roll easy

    Calling for some leaf spring wisdom. I just purchased a 1976 Land Rover Santana Series III 109 Truck cab. It came from the Canary islands. Starts and runs great, but doesn't want to roll easy. I have looked at the forums and it appears my likely causes are collapsed flexi hoses, master...
  6. R

    Series III - Rules concerning Seatbelts

    I've recently brought two Land Rover Series III 109 Santana Especials from Spain to France (a 1980 and a 1982). As I'm pretty sure the rules applying in the UK and France are now the same (ie. based on EU rules), does anyone know what the obligations are for these vehicles - or at least their...
  7. O

    Series III - Dash Light Question

    Since I got my SIII there is a light on the dash which stays on when running. Auto Electrician couldn't figure it out - his solution was to take out the bulb. Any got any idea what it is - crystal shaped light between right hand instrument dial and Fan switch...
  8. O

    Series III Rear Seats and Belts - HELP!!

    Just bought my first Land Rover, a 1978 Series III 88' 2.25L Diesel - new to Land Rovers and new to vintage so any advice is gratefully received!! I'd like to put bench seats or individual seats in the back with seat belts. The bench seats (320737) appear to be cheap enough at about £35 each...
  9. Grassetto

    Hello from Italy

    Hello to everybody, I want to introduce myself, my name is Eugenio, I 'm from Padova, Italy, I like old cars , I have recently bought a Land Rover 88 sw 1981 bronze green and I have spent with her 3000 km on the Alps. I have some minor problems to fix and I will enjoy to solve all of them ...
  10. LordDoig

    Heartbeat off buying my first car - a 1977 SIII...

    Hi guys, I've been reading around these forums quite a bit recently and am very impressed with the enthusiasm of the Land Rover community. I hope to join this community in the next few days with my purchase of a 1977 88" SIII. Do you think you guys might be able to give me some pointers on...
  11. samroberts11

    Buying a series III

    Hi all, i'm looking to buy a Landy Series III to compliment my current '77 MGB GT Chalk and cheese I know! I'm thinking an 88" so... What are the main things I should be looking for? And what can I get for about £700-£900? Thanks, Sam
  12. J

    Charge light & cutting out HELP!

    Hi guys, Sorry that I havent posted for a while but i have looking and reading alot since I got my series III early last year, but touch wood this is the first problem that I havent been able to fix! Driving in snow has been ace, but all of a sudden I had a fuel line problem, not being able to...
  13. S

    Paint Job?

    I have a 88' Series III Land Rover and since I love him to the tee I was thinking of a paint job. Currently the paint is some kind of red...but it has several peeling points that reveal an older coat of the lighter red that you see all over the internet, so I would say a darker red is the...
  14. Satancom

    Upgrade Guide Rover 3.5 V8 Into A Series III 109

    I fitted a 3.5 Rover V8 into my 109" series III, this article details the modifications I had to do to make it fit and work :) This is assuming you have a complete engine with all ancillaries, or a donor vehicle, and that you intend to keep the series running gear. Items needed Conversion...
  15. MrsDave

    Help/Advice needed - Engine Swap on a SIII

    A friend of a friend (long story :rolleyes:) has got a Series III LWB and is beginning the process of swapping the current 6-pot engine for a 2.5NAD. I don't think he's swapping the gearbox or anything else of the running gear... but I can check. I've offered my help (as I'm willing to get my...
  16. JayHoe

    TD5 To Series III Bulkhead Conversion

    My bulkhead has reached the end of its life; in fact it should have been put down years ago! The top rail is totally shot, both foot wells are holed and rusted and at least one of the feet is seriously corroded. The answer is to either find a replacement – rare as hens teeth in good condition...
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