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starting problem

  1. G

    Cold Start problem

    Since my last service a month ago, my 2004 TD5 has not started properly when cold. It will fire but then feels and sounds like it is only running on 2 or 3 cylinders. After 5 or 10 seconds it picks up and runs normally. I have had the injector loom and glow plugs changed costing over £300 and...
  2. B

    Td5 starting/running problems

    Hi, I know there's a lot of threads about starting problems, I'm hoping that someone might point know of a good one. I have a 2001 disco 2 that's having major grumbles. I've had intermittent starting and running problems on and off for almost a year now. It's the usual problem of turning over...
  3. C

    Another Freelander TD4 for the pyre!

    Any help please would be greatly appreciated!!! I run a small MOT station near Croydon in Surrey & took on a Freelander to mend with a problem. I have now got out of my depth with it & would welcome either some advice/comfort & consolation/matches, or all three. The reported fault was...
  4. B

    Help - starting issue 2 td4

    Hi All, I've just posted a starting issue.....advice suggested camshaft sensor. Before I've had a chance to change that the car this morning won't start at all. Turn the key and just get a repetitive clicking noise........no way near firing or turning the engine. Now, I've put a charger on...
  5. B

    Intermittent STARTING PROBLEM

    Hi All, We've got a 2005 TD4 - around 60k on the clock. Today my wife called to say it wouldn't start.....she'd got me to the station ok but it wouldn't start an hour later. A mate popped over and when he tried it it started ok. In the evening it started ok but when we stopped for fuel it...
  6. N

    3 series 109 24v Accidently started with gear engaged now just get one click on start

    Turned over the engine while in second gear with parking break engaged, started and stalled. Now when I try to start the truck I get a single click/pop. Not sure where to go from here.
  7. T

    Melted hand brake cable!!

    Hi, First timer here so go gentle... I've got a beautiful H reg 200tdi Disco and had a thing once in a while for the last few months where you turn the key and something is going "tick, tick, tick, tick" quite rapidly and the truck doesn't start. After a couple of turns it usually kicked in...
  8. T

    Freelander 2 i6 starting problem, jamed breal pedal

    Being new to this please help. My 2007 Freelander 2 i6 petrol has been in use every day for past 3 years without problem. Recently it began having problems starting. Starter turns o.k. but the break pedal will NOT move (depress) as usual and I assume fails to tell the car that the pedal is...
  9. d.vernon

    Td5 Just Overheated, won't start!!

    Hi All, Had the 4x4 caravan hooked headed for Pilansberg Game Reserve, half way I lost all the water. Heater pipe had been plugeed and the plug came out! Luckiliy we were towed back home by a Defender (Puma). Thanks Simon! Ok what next? I've plugged the pipe again filled up with water...
  10. R

    Discovery 300 TDi starting problem

    Hi all, I have a 1997 Discovery 300 TDi. Yesterday and today it refuses to start. Engine turns over OK, battery has plenty of charge and their is about half a tank of fuel. Symptons are the glow plug warning light does not come on at all, engine turns but does not start. I swapped the...
  11. J

    No spark series 11a

    Hi folks can anyone help - I started my series 11a 21/4 petrol a couple of weeks ago and it fired and died and wouldn't start again. Since then I have replaced the plugs, points, condenser, dist. cap, rotor arm and coil. There is still no spark whatsoever. Ignition and cold start lights come...
  12. G

    1991 Range Rover Will Not Turnover

    I recently purchased a 91 Range Rover, which needed a new water pump based on a visit to the local LR dealer. I was able to start and drive the the vehicle for short distances adding water as needed. I changed the water pump, thermostat, upper and lower hoses without issue. I also changed the...
  13. H

    starting problems

    My 96 discovery sd will turn over then cut out/stop turning and won't turn on. I thought it was my immobiliser stopping the starter but if this were the case it wouldn't try to start at all from what i understand. No fob to test to see if it is the immobiliser and no code for the doors...Any...
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