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transfer box

  1. T

    No 2 wheel drive

    This is the first time I’ve done this so here goes! I have just purchased a series 3 2.25 diesel sort wheel base 1976 I took it out for a test drive no problems all drives like it should. I tried it in low range and that seams fine, moving red lever back Putting it back into high, red leaver...
  2. Børge Pedersen

    D2 - 2003: How to replace transfer box intermediate shaft seals

    Hi I have Disco II - 2003 with a TD5 manual shift. The intermediate shaft in the transfer box is leaking oil on both sides, and I have som questions:-) 1. Is it possible to change the oil seals at a local workshop, that does not have the speceial LR tools? 2. Do we take down only the transfer...
  3. H

    D2 Noise from transfer box when spinning front wheel

    Hi, i have a problem a really need help with. I have a 2002 D2 td5 commercial with a manual gear box, no center diff Lock. Done 216000 miles. From the front end she started making a solid knocking noise at random times. Even though once started the knock appeared to be road speed...
  4. W

    automatic gearbox problems

    I recently bought a 2003 range rover vogue diesel I have had the transfer box recently worked on to rid me from the transfer fail prog problems. Now though when I put my foot down the car responds well but when I come to a halt the car starts to judder like it's trying to stall. If I put the...
  5. 2

    200 tdI gear transfer problem.

    Hi I am having trouble with my 200 transfer box. I have noticed I have some how managed to snap the rod going from the transfer lever to the box. Any 1 know where I would be able to buy new ones. Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Rear prop UJ comes off on motorway now no drive

    Hiya folks Rear prop UJ on an auto td5 cruising down the motorway at 70mph the rear prop UJ decided to part company from my motor i pulled over pretty quick and removed the rest of the rear prop expecting to limp it home with only front wheel drive , only to then find I had no gears selectable...
  7. caber

    Fairey Overdrive knackered

    It seems the overdrive on my series 3 is knackered. It sounds like a bag of spanners in direct drive once it has warmed up and in overdrive screams worse than a whole neonatal ward during a nappy changing strike :) I have been trying to find any company who would recondition it but no one seems...
  8. dave medlyn

    Transfer box issues

    Hello folks, not been here for a while, the old girl has been behaving her self, and the landy has been ok as well!! Old joke I know.. Noticed a new noise the other day, and on closer inspection found about 1 or 2 mm of play on the front out put shaft on the transfer box. Would I be correct in...
  9. J

    L322, transfer box neutral

    HI, range rover vogue 2006 td6, after a sort time i get message on the dash. TRANSFER BOX NEUTRAL the car will drive fine with no problems, goes up and down the gears fine, some times the LOW GEAR light (green mountain) will flash as well. the transfer box diagnostics have been looked at and it...
  10. SiPeace

    Transfer Box Oil Drain Plug Stripped?

    I was putting my transfer box (LT230) oil drain plug back in on Sunday and found that it didn't seem to want to tighten. I didn't put much force on it so wasn't expecting this to happen... though it doesn't feel like it wants to fall out. Have I stripped the threads? If so, is this common? Is...
  11. Bigbananafeet

    Excessive backlash?

    I've spent this afternoon replacing the front output seal on my transfer box as it was leaking/weeping. While doing the job I took a couple of vids of the backlash or play between the front and rear outputs on the box and the diffs. I have a clunk when taking up drive or dipping the clutch when...
  12. M

    Discovery 2 / LT230 Transfer Box Loud Clicking

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I need your help. For reference my car is a 2002 Land Rover Discovery TD5 Auto. Have just completed a full service on my Disco TD5. When taking it for a test drive I noticed a loud clicking/clunking noise coming from the car. It was so loud I...
  13. Bigbananafeet

    Cheeky part number request....

    At the weekend there whilst doing my under the bonnet and prop-shaft checks I noticed the front of my transfer box all wet. Upon closer inspection it looks like the oil seal where my front prop connects is leaking. My truck is a TD5 Hardtop 2000MY Any chance I could pester you lovely folk for...
  14. tarathedog

    He's wrecked the gearbox or transfer box .... i think.. help with diagnosis please

    My sons car failed its MOT yesterday. So i lent him Landy to go to work. Got a phone call tonight to say the clutch had gone, he said that there was a bang and he had lost dive on a round about So like a good father i went to his rescue Well the clutch seemed fine but the hand brake...
  15. D

    four wheel drive

    Anyone got any idea how I can tell if my series is in 4 wheel drive, the yellow knob is pushed down, the red knob is forward. When I go through mud the rear wheels spin but the fronts dont turn to pull the car out. Is there some kind of diff in the transfer box which stops drive to front axle...
  16. J

    Defender TD5 fitting a Discovery Transfer Box, and Remap

    Hi, I have a Defender 90 TD5 2000, Thinking of Discovery transfer box been offered a serial number 28d5342186 cheap, will that do the job? Also thinking of a Dynachip Remap to be done same time, will all this work? Also soft top or keep hard top, Please give me your views, Always fancied a soft...
  17. S

    Disco transfer box into TD5 defender

    Im thinking of swapping my transfer box on 2001 TD5 defender for a Discovery box 28D*****F,Ive studied the boxes carefully and it looks like it should fit up ok,I know that sometimes the handbrake mech needs to be fettled.but Im wondering if its an easy job to swap the electronic speedo pick...
  18. R

    Transfer box swap?

    Will a transfer box off a 200 tdi 1992 manual with the old type gearbox go onto an R 380 gearbox in a 1995 300tdi commercial? If so are there any modifications necessary, I know it has the old type handbrake cable and rod assembly but is the input the same for both boxes? Many thanks Dave
  19. R

    Transfer box and diff lock guidance needed???

    Please help! I have a defender 90 200 TDI, LT77 Gearbox and LT230 transfer box. 3rd gear couldn't be selected so I did a straight exchange through Ashcroft Transmissions, but something doesn't seem right. I've left the prop shafts disconnected to help me understand what's going on. Here's the...
  20. T

    Series 3 Gearbox detent springs replacement- Bit of help Please!

    Hello hello! Im just about to replace the detent springs on my series 3 gear box and transfer box. Just wondering is it as simple as it looks? Ie, wip transmission tunnel off, take right angle brackets off from side of gbox top cover, out pops ball and spring, replace spring, put back togther...
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