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Tales Of The Unexpected - Part 6

Tales Of The Unexpected - Part 6

So, seven o'clock on Monday morning, I'm back at work, delving into firewall logs, Mail server logs and backup reports.

This is my day job, far removed from the carefree joys of Land Rover ownership.

However, now, in the sickly light of a Monday morning, is a good time to take stock.

I have owned a Land Rover now for just five days, but because I took Thursday and Friday off last week to concentrate on getting it roadworthy, it is only really now that, with my serious work head on, I can look at it dispassionately.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Landy, and didn't realise quite how much I had missed owning one, but one needs to take it seriously on occasion.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised with how little I have had to do to it. This is in no small part due to the previous owner, who, whilst he used the vehicle hard, and didn't care about the cosmetic touches, obviously did care about the mechanical soundness of the vehicle.

So, on balance, I don't have to worry too much at this stage about the engine, gearbox, drivetrain, suspension or steering, although obviously I will keep an eye on the various fluid levels, in case there are any nasty surprises.

I have fitted a new bumper, to replace the one that wasn't there ?? and side steps so I can access the vehicle in a dignified manner.

I need to spend a bit of time on the electrics - particularly (as we saw yesterday) on the rear foglight. (No, don't ask... I have done nothing else to it).

The body work requires the most attention.

The front nearside wing has had a good thump on the lower front panel under the headlight, which has pushed the front panel inwards and downwards, and bent the outside wing panel. This means that the nearside headlight (although it works) currently points at the ground about two feet in front of the vehicle - which is not ideal.

I am hoping that with a bit of judicious belting with a large hammer, I may be able to straighten this out sufficiently so that the headlight resumes its approximate position.

I intend to consult the members of a certain Land Rover forum, who may be able to advise on the correct procedure for the assault.

Now I have used the vehicle a bit, it is obvious that the door hinges are past their best. Strangely, it is the passenger door which is worst, requiring that once opened, one has to physically lift it to fit back in the hole it came from. This isn't a major problem, and new door hinges are winging there way from Paddock as I speak (hmm... flying hinges... good name for a band?)

Really, the worst issue I have at the moment is the fact that I can't lock the doors. This is a slight overstating of the fact, actually, I can lock the drivers door from both inside and outside, the passenger door only from the inside, and the rear door not at all in any way.

As there is nothing particularly nickable in the Landy at the moment I could live with that, but a mate sent a bulletin round to me yesterday from Derbyshire Police, warning of a series of Land Rover thefts in the last month in my area.

(People who live in North Derbyshire TAKE NOTE).

So, a new set of lock barrels is also winging it's way to me from Paddock (see - flying keys as well).

I'd better go and do the work I'm paid for, so I'll leave it there for the moment.
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