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What Do All Those Levers Do On A Series Land Rover

What Do All Those Levers Do On A Series Land Rover

What do all those levers do??

Don't worry. It's a question we hear asked all the time, so you aren't on your own! All those levers…… Hopefully this article should help to clear things up a bit.

Series Landies have what is called 'selectable' Four Wheel Drive (4WD). This means that under normal road conditions you can run the landy in 2WD. This is what it looks like from the side,

1 Normal road use, 2wd.JPG

And this is what it looks like from the drivers' position,

1b, normal road use, 2wd from drivers position.JPG

The yellow knob is fully up, and the red lever is fully forward.

In the next photo we can see that the yellow knob is pressed down, meaning that 4WD is selected in high range.

3 4WD high range selected.JPG

This means that you are now in 4WD, using the normal range of gears as if you were driving normally on the road. You may press down the yellow lever whilst moving, and without depressing the clutch, if necessary. (As long as the free wheeling hubs are engaged, if you have them fitted) The next photo shows the view of the levers from the drivers' seat.

3,b 4WD high range selected from drivers position.JPG

To disengage 4WD whilst in high range, you must stop, and then pull back the red lever. As you pull the lever back, the yellow knob will pop back up into its original position. Then push the red lever fully forward again.

Assuming you are driving along in a field, in 4WD high range (yellow knob depressed)….the ground now starts to get a little rougher, so you decide to use the low ratio box. You must stop before engaging Low Ratio!! (Although you may press down the yellow lever whilst moving, and without using the clutch, you must stop before engaging the low ratio box, and use the clutch, or damage will occur!) The next photo shows the red lever pulled right back, engaging low ratio.

2 Low range selected.JPG

And, if you were in high range 4WD, you will have seen the yellow lever pop back up as you engaged low range. This is what low range looks like from the drivers' seat.

2b low range from drivers position.JPG

Not all Landies have an overdrive, but if your Landy has one fitted, it's another lever to throw into the equation! I rarely use the overdrive unless I am on the road, in top gear, and usually when over 35mph. So effectively, I am using it like a fifth gear. The specifications that come with the overdrive units suggest that it may be used in all gears; General opinion though considers that the gearbox may be overstressed by using the overdrive in, say, Low range. I am afraid I cannot comment on this, as I mainly use the O/D in fourth, high range.

Anyway, this is what the overdrive looks like when disengaged,

4, overdrive dis-engaged.JPG

this is the lever when engaged, remember to use the clutch!

5 overdrive engaged.JPG

and what it looks like from the drivers' seat.

Overdrive engaged from drivers psoition.JPG

Now you know what the levers do, it's time to go out and play!!
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