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  1. C

    Series 3 not starting after injector swap

    Just replaced the injectors on my series 3 with some refurbished ones and having trouble starting it. I’ve loosed off the feed pipes and there getting fuel. Noticed a small leak from one of the leak off pipes but surely that wouldn’t cause it to fail (ordered a bolt) will replace next week...
  2. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Land Rover - All In A Days Work

  3. T

    Where do I hang the front mud flaps on a series 2a

    Can anyone tell me where I should fasten front mud flaps on a series 3. I’m assuming it goes from the first sill bolt to the chassis footwell support bracket as it is the only place that makes sense, but it seems a bit too wide for a square fit with a (non genuine) set. Thanks Tony
  4. M

    Fairey overdrive rebuild / will it survive a 200tdi

    Hey guys, i have seeked help because of my overdrives input gear some time ago and finaly found one :) Now i want to start the rebuild with the synchrogearboxes parts kit however i am a bit sceptical about the synchro unit since it looks like it is propperly worn down (but i am nor sure) this...
  5. T

    Series 2A Winches (Advice)

    Dear All, v A strange question for those rivet counters out there indeed! I was wondering if you could give me some help with winches for my series 2A (1965) 109". I'm looking for a suitably powerful winch to tow myself and others as I mainly use Elsie (LR) on our farm and am hoping to do some...
  6. HarrisonC

    Every Little Helps

    What upgrades/modifications/changes have you done? Such as for personal and/or general benefit.
  7. D

    Strange Land Rover

    Hi This land Rover is lik nothing I've ever seen. I looked around other sites but there were always differences. I spotted it while out for a drive in Malin Head, Ireland. It looks like an ambulance but the orange beacon is odd. One thing that makes me think it's not a homebuilt are the blue...
  8. ER1C


    Series 3... having now the ability to start and run the beast the next to tackle is smoke. I have checked valve clearances, they were ok, number 8 was virtually shut but only a few needed minor adjustment. So what color is this smoke ? (grey ?) I have checked butterfly valve timing which made...
  9. ER1C

    Bahh Ebay, I have gone and done it...

    errr... I have just gone and purchased a series 3 from ebay....Fire fighting conversion for less than a grand... I expect its a project but I just love the idea of it and should actually get some use out of the water pumping elements. Do I get a new hat or secret handshake ? Can I know freely go...
  10. S

    Digital sensor pannel NEED HELP FROM YOU!

    Hello forum users, I have a land rover series 2a 1968 fully original and rebuilt by me when i was in school (i add a picture of her) and I'm looking to do a few modern tweaks to her, i want to make a digital LED display panel that gives me different temperatures such as engine temperature ...
  11. D

    1973 SIII 2.25 Diesel Starts and cuts out! HELP !

    Hi, I have a 2.25d Series 3, bought in good faith from a friend, MOT'd fine ..... won't run! It starts and ticks over BEAUTIFULLY most of the time, revs okay, sounds fine to me But it'll drive less than a mile before just conking out! Feels like fuel starvation, just dies slowly and loses...
  12. D

    Pressure Washing the Engine Bay?? Good or Bad??

    I want to know whether I can pressure wash my SIII engine bay?? I've been told I can, just soak her in degreaser first then blast away... But are there any bits I should avoid/cover up to avoid damage??
  13. D

    SIII gearbox woes

    Hi, new user, sorry if this has been asked before I did some searching but couldn't find anything relating to my specific problem. I have an ex military SIII which (apart from a list as long as my arm of things that don't work) the gearbox has very recently decided to stop selecting 3rd and...
  14. E

    Our Series 3s in Action in africa

    Hi all I am not sure if this is allowed, found no hint that it is not allowed, but I am sure that might interest most of you. We have bought a Series 3s in South Africa, after having crossed Africa from North to South and now started to tour Southern and Eastern Africa with our Land Rover. We...
  15. E

    Overheating problem

    Bit of a novice and looking for guidance I'm afraid... A couple of months back my Series 2 (S3 running gear and engine) went in to have some work done (rear diff had failed in a spectacular way...). Anyhow, on the way home having collected the vehicle I noticed that the temperature gauge was...
  16. E

    Series Land Rover specialist in Surrey

    I'm new to the area and was wondering if anybody can recommend a good series Land Rover specialist in Surrey? I'm located within the M25 and run a lightly upgraded 2a. I have spoken with the obvious choice (well know Surrey based firm with significant LR collection), but they seemed reluctant to...
  17. D

    Engine wont start or run well when hot

    Hi Was wondering if anyone on here could help me with a problem i cant solve with my series II petrol/lpg landy. From cold she starts and runs fine until she gets warm then she does run well (misfires when throttle up) If the engine is stopped she wont start again for another coulple of hours...
  18. S

    SWB or LWB Landrover

    Hi All, I am looking for some more advice on whether to get a LWB or SWB Series III I know that SWB is better off road than LWB while LWB is better pulling trailers etc, I suppose my question is how much better is a SWB off road?? Is there a big difference??? The LWB versions seem to be...
  19. S

    Series 2A Sprayed Black with a White Roof???

    Hi All, So now i am thinking of taking a different approach to my Series IIA (Future Series IIA), I was thinking of spraying it black while leaving a white roof on it, Swap all of the lenses for clear lenses around it and put in suitable colour bulbs where needed, Add an A bar or Nudge...
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