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  1. G

    Offering Wheel swap

    Hi guys. Hope you're all well. I'm new to the forum. Wanted to get your input on something I'm stuck with. I recently purchased a 2010 L322 Range Rover HSE 4.4 TDv8. It has land-rover OEM 275/40/r21 wheels. Unfortunately, I had a back injury and I'm going to he in rehab for a while. I find...
  2. H

    Air con l322 šŸ˜©

    Hi all, recently purchased my dream car, RR vogue SE A 3.6 TDV8. Absolutely lovely to drive and got it for a bargain price, only issue Iā€™m finding is the A/C. Had it gassed up as it was empty, no leaks etc detected, after about a month the drivers side vents donā€™t get cold, passenger side is...
  3. R

    Oil leak on a 2011 L322 4,4 TDV8

    Oil leak on a 2011 L322 4,4 TDV8 Urgent need for hjelp / suggestions. We have replaced the main Seal behind the crank pulley. Also replaced the pulley. It is still leaking oil.its in front of the engine, not the oil cooler, not the oilfilter, all dry up there. No leak when ideling, only after a...
  4. W

    Key wouldn't turn now it won't start at all engine won't turn over

    Hi everyone I've got a 2003 range rover l322 3.0 D as I went to get into my car today the steering was locked and key would not turn at all after I linked out the steering (1 and 7) on the switch I was then able to turn the key however the key won't start the engine at all won't even turn over...
  5. R

    L322 '03 Fuse #12 blows when AC button is pressed

    Hi there this is my first post so apologies if this topic appears else where on the forum. I have tried to search some previous posts but did not have much luck. It is warming up here in Australia and I need my AC to work, any help would be much appreciated! When the AC or AC Max button is...
  6. A

    L322 Right side rear lamp not working, but left side is??? HELP!!!!!!

    Hi Guys, new to the forum! Basically having a few issues with my range rover. The rear driver side lamp has completely stopped working, no brake light/indicator etc etc, however the passenger side seems to be working perfectly fine! Also have noticed that the parking sensors (front and rear)...
  7. K

    2004 Range Rover L322 can't turn key after battery change

    Hello, this is my first post, so here goes. I have a 2004 Range Rover L322 Diesel LHD. The battery had been running low the last few weeks. The other day the alarm went off and I didn't reliase until later that it was my car. The next morning the car was completely dead with no power and I...
  8. A

    Multiple issues after changing battery

    Discovered a flat battery last week in my L322, nothing worked, not even central locking. Opened door with manual lock I decided to call the AA to supply and change the battery as it looked more complicated than my previous P38's. AA guy came with correct battery, he plugged a battery pack...
  9. A

    Sticking in 2nd and 3rd replaces by trans. failsafe prog.

    Hello all, I've posted before about my recently purchased 2003 Vogue V8 with lpg (97,000 miles) holding in the lower gears. As with all things Range Rover the problem is never consistent. But by and large if I get stuck in London traffic, after a while it holds on to 2nd & 3rd gear and won't...
  10. A

    L322 4.4 V8 Low speed judder with steady amber engine warning light

    This is my first L322 so go easy on me. Mine is a 2003 4.4V8 with a BRC LPG conversion. It's done 97,000 miles. It's had an occasional 'won't change up to 4th of 5th' episode but that always clears itself. Tonight, coming back from a 108 mile round trip, mostly motorway, I noticed the amber...
  11. 1

    Which Engine oil to use in 2003 td6 L322 Range Rover

    Hi guys, wonder if you can help! Should I be using a 10w 40 part synthetic oil or a fully synthetic 5w 30 etc Cheers
  12. J

    L322 stalling when reversing uphill

    Hello. Wondered if anyone had any ideas why my 2003 RR 3.0 Auto Diesel would stall when attempting to reverse uphill? I live on an island where many roads are one way and those coming uphill have right of way. When I need to reverse uphill to give way to oncoming traffic, the RR either stalls...
  13. M

    ECU remap causing gearbox reliability issues ?

    Hi All, possibly a question for Bemble ? I have a late 02 L322 TD6 5years now (current miles 185k, purchased at 104k), & gearbox reliability is terrible. It had a tuning box fitted since new & it had its third recon box fitted at 91k. , at about 120k the tuning box became faulty so I removed it...
  14. V

    Expired L322 Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box - Common Rail

    I'm selling my tuning box now that my wife's 2003 RR Vogue is going up for sale. Ā£150 delivered to UK mainland.
  15. M

    best upgrade for 2005 range rover hse l322??!!

    Hello everyone .I recently bought a 2005 range rover hse l322 and I love it!:cool: The only thing I'm trying to find out is what is the best upgrade for my touch screen sat nav. The bluetooth is the old Nokia one so I need and upgraded bluetooth and also would like to have out puts for DVD...
  16. M

    L322 Door Lock Mechanism Stiff

    Hi All Ive just replaced my outer door handle cable as the end snapped off which seems quite common. With the the new cable fitted, it needs a really strong pull to open the door. There are no bends or obstructions on the new cable. I'm thinking the lock might be a bit stiff which might of...
  17. M

    2006 L322 wont start, key turns but engine doesn't

    I have a 2006 Vogue 3.0 diesel, the car has done 80,000 miles, and is well serviced. Recently the car has started doing this not starting. When you open the car it opens as normal, put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position, the steering wheel moves to position, auto lights come...
  18. M

    Another L322 with a battery draining problem

    Hi Guys After trailing through the forum looking for answers and looking at the advice from everyone, I've worked out what is causing my drain but not sure how to cure it. The ECU box just behind the air filter is where the problem is. The fan is running constantly thus draining the battery...
  19. D

    I pursuit of an L322 dream...

    Dear all, am v new here and am hoping to achieve a long term dream of owning a range rover. My soft top is finally up for sale and with 2 children under 2 I need something that will carry them, their mother, and all the cr@p that goes with all of them? any thoughts on the L322? I do not...
  20. J

    L322, transfer box neutral

    HI, range rover vogue 2006 td6, after a sort time i get message on the dash. TRANSFER BOX NEUTRAL the car will drive fine with no problems, goes up and down the gears fine, some times the LOW GEAR light (green mountain) will flash as well. the transfer box diagnostics have been looked at and it...
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