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  1. W

    replace chassis on Series 2a with a series 3 chassis

    Hello all, I have a pretty rotten chassis on my LWB '63 2A, I've been offered series 3 LWB breaker which has a decent chassis any thoughts? I've read that its better to go with a replacement new chassis... many thanks Peter
  2. G

    Preserving my D4

    Hi. I may be a bit old fashioned in asking this but do any of you take measures to restrict chassis corrosion? I have a 2010 D4 TDV6 with 75k mileage I have owned since 2012 and it has been excellent. I love it. I use it to tow a 2000kg caravan (no, don't switch off!!) about 6k miles a year and...
  3. B

    Discovery 1 Chassis puzzle

    Hi Folks, hopefully someone will be able to to solve a little puzzle for me.. In a previous life I bought a genuine Discovery chassis, had it hot dip galvanised and then stored it away at a friends farm for a future project. After one thing or another I managed to forget about said chassis...
  4. H

    Chassis Tactics

    Hi All, Would be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this. I have a budget of 8.5k (absolute max) and could either buy a 90 (ex mod 2.5na) which has a new rear cross member or other chassis repair for circa 4.5k (several examples I have found) or same vehicle with 'sound chassis' from mod dealer...
  5. P

    Series II Chassis Information

    Hi, I have a series II Land Rover, but I am concerned that the chassis is out of alignment, it has had quite a severe 'bump' in the past, the repairs included the crossmember, diff, axles and bodywork. There are diagrams online and in the workshop manual that show the dimensions of the...
  6. bobtailed110

    WANTED NEW OR USED GALV CHASSIS abandoned project or new cheap

    DOES ANY BODY KNOW OF A ABANDONED PROJECT??? galvanised swb 2a chassis wanted ideally in yorkshire area but any considered or cheap suppliers of new
  7. Disco Richie

    Check Your Chassis Drain Holes

    Hi All, just a quick one to say check all the drain holes are clear and working in your chassis, as I have just had a mot fail due to the rear 1/4 chassis being rusty at the tow bar mount. The corrosion has been due to mud caked drain holes holding in water as they are only small.... having...
  8. H

    D3 Rear Chassis M14 bolts for fixing tow bar side arms missing.

    Hi All, I fitted a Witter Tow Bar to my D3 today, but could not fit the side arms. This was because the M14 bolts were missing from the Chassis! The Witter instructions say: "Remove M14 Bolts (x) from the inner faces of the chassis". These are the bolts that are missing. Does anyone have...
  9. lvdxd00

    chassis swap

    Hi all Got me a second hand failed galvanised chassis swap project. Someone got a new chassis and gave up before fitting any body work, so what I have is nice nearly new chassis with no numbers on it. Just need to swap my engine, gearbox and body. I was just watching the two blokes doing a...
  10. LordDoig

    Heartbeat off buying my first car - a 1977 SIII...

    Hi guys, I've been reading around these forums quite a bit recently and am very impressed with the enthusiasm of the Land Rover community. I hope to join this community in the next few days with my purchase of a 1977 88" SIII. Do you think you guys might be able to give me some pointers on...
  11. A

    How interchangeable are 2A and 3 bits??

    Hi, I'm sure this seems a really stupid question but I have just bought a 1961 2A and wondered how interchangeable body/chassis bits are. E.g. - can I throw an S3 bulkhead onto my S2A chassis? Many thanks, Agent mMm
  12. M

    defender 90 chassis and v5 wanted for project/rebuild any ideas????

    i have collected 75% of the parts needed to build a defender 90 most parts coming from 99-2001 got a lovley 99 body just need a chassis and v5 of a simular age if anybody can help?? or is there a way i can register a new galvinised chassis? would it have to go on a q-plate?? thanks if anyone can...
  13. series3100

    in out wiggle it all about

    Im going to get cracking on wiring the landy soon (custom loom). The question is sould i put the wires inside the chassis rail or outside... Im thinking inside and have left a line in there so i can easily do it, are there any disadvantages to going inside as opposed to outside? If it wasnt a...
  14. Big Sandy

    Series Vehicle Identification Numbers From SII Onwards

    Series Chassis numbers from SII onwards With the SII chassis numbers, the first three digits are the destination, type, model, and engine type. The fourth digit is the model year, and the last 5 digits are the serial number Series II 88 inch petrol 141000000 (RHD, Home market) 145000000: (LHD...
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