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  1. Parr25

    Passenger foot well leak

    I decided to dive in head first and try my best to make my tin can of a defender sound solid. After sound proofing all of the boot i went ahead and put some dynamat into the foot wells. When pushing of the material to stick it to the metal it didnt take to much force before i could see the road...
  2. rid81

    General Defender Ashtray Phone Mount

    This was a quick and easy win, but solved my phone holder issue. I recently came across an eBay listing for a 3D printed adaptor that would fit in the ashtray space on the dash. The adaptor allowed a Ram Mount to be fitted without drilling any new holes in the dash, and covered up the useless...
  3. B

    New Defender 90 (L663) Rear Seat Conversion

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and just purchased a new Defender 90 (L663) Hardtop Commercial. I'm looking to fit the three rear seats to the back. I'm struggling to find many out there that sell just the seats. I found some companies that will do the rear seat conversion for you but they all seem...
  4. C

    Defender - Best Trickle Charger

    Recommendations for Best Trickle Chargers please! Defender 90 Heritage 1998 TD5.
  5. C

    Defender - Best Rust Removal Techniques (On Screws / Joints etc)

    Hi LR friends! Looking for advice as of the best ‘grease’ / scrubbing techniques and products to keep my Heritage’s joints as neat as possible. Any advice would be appreciated! Many thanks.
  6. T

    Defender 90 TD5 Rear inward facing seat installation issue

    Evening all, I'm a newbie to the forum so I hope this is posted in the right section :D I have fitted 3 rear inward facing seats in the back of my TD5 landy. I have one last seat to fit (rear right-hand) except I cannot fit the bracket for the seat back due to the position of the fuel...
  7. G

    2.5 NA Deisel (12J) Injector pump

    Hi All, I have a 1986 90 with a 12J. The car is currently sitting in Zimbabwe and I plan to go travel down there in April for a bit of an adventure. I've just had the engine rebuilt and have replaced virtually everything besides the head and block. However, it seems that the original injector...
  8. J

    Hello - Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE P400e on order!

    Hi all - First post! This weekend, I've put down the deposit on a 2023 LR Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE with P400e Hybrid engine. I'm coming from a Tesla Model 3 Performance, but i *need* to go back to a bigger car... and the Defender sure is bigger! Any tips/advice?... I'm guessing #1 will be...
  9. MattHunt

    Building a Defender door from scratch.

    Hello, When Mildred reappears, unless the MOT highlights anything more important, my next task is replacing the NSF door. So far I have a Bearmach door primed, sealed, and with 3 coats of paint on it. I intend to use the exisiting: door card, window and associated mechanism bits handles...
  10. 2004StationWagon

    TD5 Power intermittent power loss issue

    TD5 LOSS OF POWER - ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! Hi everyone, So I own a defender 2004 td5 and it's been great engine wise up till recently. Its developed a very intermittent power loss issue. It doesn't matter so much if the engine is cold or warm, around 50mph (But not always) you can start to...
  11. P

    Defender 2002 TD5 not turning

    Hi, try not to ramble too much but central locking not working, all dash lights show inc. Fuel pump whirring, glow plugs, Engine light, headlights, interior, etc., but when turning to ignition 2 - nothing, no clicking nowt. Checked all fuses and relays bar one. This is a Lucus Relay in Engine...
  12. RustIsBigBad

    Noisy Puma

    I got a 2009 puma, bought it in Spain so even though its got quite a few km on it, it's very fresh runs great. Pumas of course, are supposed to be a bit quieter and smoother the earlier models and I haven't put any thought into the amount of noise the car makes, until I drove the families 2003...
  13. F


    Of all the years loving my Defender it’s been stolen last night (Saturday - 28/05/22) from Broughton Street/Cannonmills area Edinburgh Very distinctive 2007 KESWICK GREEN LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 DOUBLE CAB PICK UP - SY07 SVX I know the likely hood of ever seeing it again is slim but if I share...
  14. B

    Need a 17H 2.5 Petrol Defender

    I can only find fully reconditioned ones, but that isnt necessary as we can do all of that on site... does anyone know of any available for purchase?
  15. B

    Advice on buying an ex MOD defender

    I'm in a bit of a pickle, I have always wanted a defender and obviously the cheeky chaps over in Coventry have stopped making the originals, so I was wondering if anyone might have advice on where to find good defenders. This is a defender to be royally abused, as I intend to do a lengthy tour...
  16. Z

    Buying a vehicle remotely - can a mechanic do the test drive?

    So the time has come for a larger Defender. I've been looking for a while, and have finally found one that is the exact spec I want. The only problem is it's in Halifax which is a good five hour drive away from me. I can't get there because of work commitments this week and don't want someone...
  17. Z

    Away from home with a new noise! What is it and should I worry about getting home..?

    Towards the end of a long drive my 200TDI started making a new sound. It’s not a whining sound but it is higher in pitch than the engine noise. It’s quite loud, and the pitch increases with the speed of the vehicle so I think it has to be after the gear box rather than a noise from the engine...
  18. Z

    Fuel line.. holes

    Today I went to fetch something in the Defender having not run it for a few days and after 30seconds or so - before I even got out the yard - it shuddered to a halt. Managed to start it several times but anything more than idling and it would just stop. Changed the fuel filter this evening but...
  19. J

    R380 oil change

    Got a 300tdi 1996. Which I’ve had for a few years, now but it’s in desperate need for a gearbox oil and transfer box oil change. for the gearbox I was going to replace what’s in their with mtf94 as from what I’ve read that’s the best stuff. Problem is I don’t know what’s in their at the moment...
  20. L

    TD5 Defender Power Issue and Smoke

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, finally decided to make an account. I have a TD5 defender in the states (I know it shouldn't be here). It has been wonderful, but when it comes to diagnosing things its a bit difficult no one here knows how to work on them, knows any of the issues, and parts are...
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