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  1. K

    Freelander 1 with chipped rover 2l xdi

    Hey I've got a freelander 1 with the rover 2l diesel engine, I believe it's called the xdi? Anyway I've had it remapped, or actually I think that it required a new chip for the ecu. Since then it's excellent, better acceleration, economy and top end but that's where the problem is. Because it's...
  2. D

    Whats the torque on rocker gasket

    anyone no the torque setting is for tighten the bolts on the rocker gasket on a freelander1 1.8 petrol 2003
  3. M

    Big drivetrain possibilities

    Afternoon all. Im planning on putting a Cummins 6BT into the old Range Rover, and need to source some heafty axles and possibly remote transfer box? The lump will be mated to the lorry box, and it has been known to make an LT230 attach to the back of it, anyone know of any...
  4. ER1C

    How Do I? Winch Bolts Torque

    Upon towing a shepherds hut up a hill the winch suddenly started slipping, for the first time ever it couldn't hold a weight and as soon as I wasn't winching it was pulling back unspooling the drum.. Following a chat with Goodwinch (Goldflish 9.5 winch) I have adjusted the brake as they have...
  5. Lovel

    VCU Viscous Coupling Readings TD4 Manual MY2001

    After trawling through endless threads on various sites and finding not a lot tbh but argument after argument. I thought I would post these facts. BTW, the viscous coupling was the original factory fit in 2001. With one rear wheel jacked up of the ground. a torque wrench, 32mm socket, and...
  6. M

    Replacing Torque Converter In Discovery TD5 Autobox

    My autobox Disco Td5 developed a slight shiver just before every gear change, between 2200-2800 rpm. Over the past 6 months the shudder gradually turned into a harsh vibration, eventually sounding like 'coarse gravel agitated in a tin can' type of noise. ATF & filter checked and replaced...
  7. H

    Diesel Engines PROPANE injection

    I know it's not an alternative, but adding LPG/Propane to your system will enhance power and mileage, and reduce your emissions. I have fitted 5 landrovers with it, and the results are amazing. Loads of power, and a lot better return on fuel. When I went down to the LRO show, I did 190 miles...
  8. S

    wheel nut torque

    What should I torque my wheels nut to on my 1992 defender 90? Cheers Chris:)
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