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Hydraulic Battery Cable Crimper

Tools Review Hydraulic Battery Cable Crimper

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Whilst maintaing an older vehicle sch as a land rover you may be required to make up battery leads, alternator cables or earth leads.

There are many methods of attaching crimps to these cables but most mean you have to take the cable to the bench and use a vice to crimp them. I needed a solution to crimp them on the vehicle and three of my personal vehicles needed this doing let alone any number of customers cars.

I fount a 12t hydraulic crimper on ebay for around £30 and figured even if it only worked a few times it would save me a good few hours stripping cables out of the cars. So I paid my monies and a few days later this crimper turned up.


It comes with a good selection of dies for different thicknesses of cable and should cover most of the sizes required for your average land rover. The tool feels pretty well put together and is simple too operate. Strip the cable back, select a suitable crimp and matching set of dies.


Its a bit fiddly holding the crimp, cable and operating the crimp tool but with a little patience it seems to work very well. The crimps are not the prettiest, however they hold up to a good tugging in a vice and feel very firm on the cable. The example I have given is on a scrap VW fuse box I had lying around so its not the neatest job. On the vehicles I have used it on since this test though ts yielded good results and certainly saved me a huge amount of effort and time on doing the job.




Thumbs up for me, bargain for £30 even if the instructions are typically chinese/english.
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I have one for a few years. If you slip a piece of shrink tubing over the cable before you crimp it and take a match to the tubing will make it pretty.
Fantastic bit of kit and worked really well , made up new leads for my split charge battery install , easy to use and does what it says on the tin
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