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Sealey CP1202KIT Ratchet Wrench Kit 3/8"Sq Drive

Tools Review Sealey CP1202KIT Ratchet Wrench Kit 3/8"Sq Drive

Product reviews
I have been looking at battery operated ratchets for a while and finally took the plunge on sealeys latest offering. At £95 with two batteries and a tool bag its budget friendly and from a name you can trust. I spend my working days spannering away so anything that can make a job quicker is more money in my back pocket.


Battery ratchets are designed to do just that, speed up repetitive tasks, useful on rocker covers or any low torque fittings. You crack the bolt using the ratchet manually and then buzz it the rest of the way off. Tightening is the same deal, spin it on with the tool and then just give it a final dig manually.


The sealey CP1202 isn't the most powerful unit on the market but it certainly speeds up repetitive tasks and is great for restricted access where you cant swing a ratchet. I find myself cracking off stubborn bolts with a 3/8 breaker first but then use battery ratchet then fling the bolt off the rest of the way.

The battery lasts well, and even when it runs out you still have the second battery ready to go. It is by no means a must have, but if your looking to save a bit of time then it certainly helps.

Hard to beat the value of the unit though
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