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NOCO GB70 Battery Booster Pack

Tools Review NOCO GB70 Battery Booster Pack

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I'm sure we have all been there, jump into your landy after its been sat for a while to be welcomed with a weak or dead battery and no start. You have many options from push starting too jumping off another car. Push start depends on where its parked, and a land rover is not the easiest thing to roll on your own.

I do have a clunky old battery jump pack which was due a replacement as the battery is on its last legs and its not exactly practical too store. You may be aware of the newer lithium ion batter packs available which are much smaller than the lead acid battery jump packs.

I went for the Noco GB70 which boasts 2000amp peak power, which I'm sure is marketing jargon as its not going too put that out, however it is rated to start petrol engines up to 8 litres and diesels up to 6 litres. Its not cheap at around £170 but as its going to get use in the workshop I thought the extra capacity over its smaller brother the GB40 (£99) would be beneficial too me.


Its a compact unit, which comes in a little bag with a few accessories for charging mobile phones and running cigarette lighter accessories off, it also has a bright work light which is a nice feature. Of course the main reason I bought it is for jump starting cars which it does superbly.

I did a little video below which shows me starting my 3.5 V8 after being laid up for a month, its about 5 degrees outside so its a pretty fair test. And yes I know I have a face for radio but thats not the point of the video :D

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We got the smaller GB40 for the Panda but had to use it on the 3.5V8 with a flat battery and it started on the button. Worth the cost for those winter weak battery moments!
I’ve got the GB70 also and I’ve never had to use it on my 2001 Disco 2... but... I’ve used it to start various friend’s Audi A6, Ford Mustang, Cadillac Escalade, LR Defender 90 300tdi, and a Chrysler 300 with no problems.
Good test. Ive got the smaller GB40 which seems very good also. There is another video on youtube somewhere of a guy starting multiple cars in a scrapyard from one.
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