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  1. G

    P38 Stereo Replacement

    CD Multichanger has power and so does the headunit. The screen on the Stereo is pretty much screwed, but the radio works fine. When I switch to CD mode, the screen shows "CD WAIT" and never goes off. You can here the CD Changer in the boot changing disks if you ask it to, but never leaves the...
  2. a1mac

    Rear Bench Seats

    I've just bought a rear bench seat for my 90 from Britpart. It comes in 2 parts: The back and bottom (that bolt together). There's also a metal bracket thing that comes with it. It looks as if it slips into somewhere, but I've got no idea where. Has anybody bought this item, and fitted it...
  3. B

    Fitting a Kenlowe heater

    Our TD5 Disco takes about 7 miles before any heat is felt inside the car these colder mornings, rather than shiver I've ordered a Kenlowe heater to preheat the engine. However the plumbing on the TD5 is quite complex so I'm after a little advise as to the best place to fit the heater and where...
  4. Gas Gas Ohlins

    Repair Guide Fitting Disco Pads And Discs

    This article is written to provide a step by step 'How to' guide on how to do what the title suggests. It takes into consideration that not everyone is a skilled mechanic and will attempt to show that what might have been a perceived as a difficult job to attempt that it can in fact be done with...
  5. T

    Insulating an expedition vehicle

    I have a 2007 Defender 110 with utility back which I am fitting out for a long expedition which will take me from the Arctic down through Africa and eventually to Australia. Having spent this winter suffering from constant condensation in the rear of the truck I am now determined to insulate...
  6. Geobloke

    Fitting Gwyn Lewis's Challenge Kit

    Just over a year ago I was looking very seriously at upgrading the suspension setup on my Land Rover Defender 90. Over the year to come I planned to use the vehicle for a series of overland trips, green laning, towing, hauling gear and as my daily commute to work. So whatever I would eventually...
  7. AJC

    Fitting A Rear Mounted Work Lamp

    I've had a rear work-lamp for nearly 5 years and have never got round to fitting it which is something I’ve always regretted not doing when I've been camping. The lamp is attached to a right angled bracket by a ball joint for easy manoeuvrability of the lamp and the bracket is attached to the...
  8. Geobloke

    Fitting Gwyn Lewis Cranked Rear Trailing Arms

    Well last weekend I decided to fit the rear cranked trailing arms I bought from Gwyn Lewis, gotta love Birthday money! I have a 2" lift on Eva so the standard arms angle down at a steep angle and put alot of pressure and wear on the bushes. I have been looking at cranked rear arms for quite...
  9. Geobloke

    Fitting Light Guards

    I have fitted these chunky slatted light guards to my parents Defender TD5 primarily to sort out the very odd looking front end the Air conditioning gives the defender! Very odd! :eek: We decided to fit some driving lamps to the front too at the same time and I fitted the a-bar previously...
  10. Geobloke

    Fitting Rivinuts

    Rivinuts are essentially captive nuts and are very useful when only one side of a panel is accessible. You are likely to only come across these when fitting front light guards or a safari snorkel (or at least these are the only 2 times I have come across them). The way they work The...
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