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land rover

  1. joncusch

    Turbo on Perkins 4.203

    Hi, this is my Perkins 4.203 109, as tractory as it can be, I love this engine. I'm building this into an overland rig and was wondering if fitting a turbo will improve the performance and economy... Is it worth the hassle? Anyone here has any experience with one? And if so, what turbo would...
  2. gally182

    Land River Discovery 2 heater only working on full FIX*

    Hi guys my heater was only working on full blast, So I took the resistor out from the heater, if you pull your glove box down it’s up on the right, one screw holding it in and then pull the plug out. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures as it was dark. First off all take the 3 screws on the...
  3. gally182

    Work I’ve done since November

    Thought I’d just post some work I’ve done since I bought my first Land Rover at start of November. First of all I made a new wheel carrier as the old one was rotten and dangerous! So made one that is slightly higher so the bigger wheel clears the bumper. Next to tackle was the sunroofs! New...
  4. MBessent

    Series 2a Diesel Won't Start

    Hello, I've been scratching my head over this for a week or so now. I recently got a 1969 Series 2a 109 Station Wagon, she needs plenty of work to get back to good condition but the chassis is good and most of the bodywork is in decent condition. It was a diesel from the factory, but at some...
  5. Y

    Looking to Buy my 1st Range Rover

    Any tips or advice for to look for on purchasing our first Range Rover Sport. Looking online and budget we are looking for a max budget of £17k and lowest milage we can find, 59k lowest I have seen to date. Thank you
  6. N

    18 Plate Discovery HSE engine blown 43K Miles on clock

    Mid December 2021 on a return trip to London down the M4 our 18 plate HSE Luxury engine blew. No warning. Oil light lit up red and then engine failure, smoke out the left passenger side of the bonnet and thankfully I managed to pull over safely and get the family all out (we had 3 generations...
  7. K

    1975 Series 3 2.25 diesel

    Im having issues with power loss and the engine dying. the car will start and idle fine even run around the neighborhood for 15-20min but eventually gets to a point where it starts to sputter and die. When i hit the gas it seems to die even quicker. I stopped let it sit and then started it up...
  8. F

    help need to find wheel nuts to fit my 1999 land rover at the moment it hase 16inch wheels on i need to put a set of 18inch wheels on it but the wheel

    16inch wheels on 1999 land rover .wont to change them to 18inch wheels but the wheel nuts of the 1999 land rover will not fit the 18inch wheels to big wot nuts studs do i need please
  9. M

    Landrover evoque

    Hi can anyone help please have a 2013 landrover evoque 2.2 sd4 power steering failed coming up with lost communication with power steering control module code u0131-00 bolts fine on the rack tried everything still no joy thanks
  10. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Land Rover - All In A Days Work

  11. R

    Land Rover Series IIA restored Nairobi ,Kenya

    Land Rover Series IIA restored Nairobi ,Kenya One of my latest revivals from the Motherland
  12. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Land Rover Caravan Tests (1954)

  13. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Hover Rover (1962)

  14. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Animal Roundup (1960)

  15. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Farm Power AKA Royal Show (1965)

    This is a fun film set at the Royal Show featuring Land Rover's as well as tractors.
  16. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Landrover For Swamps And Rail AKA Landrover (1962)

    Silent Movie showing the Tracked Wheel System and the Railway system
  17. Lighting90

    Vintage Land Rover Videos Land Rover Rally (1964)

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