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  1. P

    Defender 2002 TD5 not turning

    Hi, try not to ramble too much but central locking not working, all dash lights show inc. Fuel pump whirring, glow plugs, Engine light, headlights, interior, etc., but when turning to ignition 2 - nothing, no clicking nowt. Checked all fuses and relays bar one. This is a Lucus Relay in Engine...
  2. A

    Ex-RAF Defender 90 - Tax class

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but after much searching I can't find a definitive answer to this. I have recently just purchased an ex-RAF Defender 90 300tdi (my first ever Defender - in stunning yellow!), the chap who I bought it off was the one who obtained it from the...
  3. phatman5000

    Things burning and crackling on ignition and now... click??

    Hello all! I hate to introduce myself, having never contributed before, by asking a technical problem... But I guess a fair few on here started off that way! What would make bold heads fizz and crackle red-hot while I'm turning the engine over? My outrageously modified '83 90 2.5 N/A...
  4. P

    90 Pickup canvas cover, is there such a beast ?

    I have a 2001, 90 pick up and I have a tonneau cover for it. I've been googling around looking for a full canvas cover for the back, which I guess would have to be four sided but haven't come across one yet, does anyone have one, or seen one anywhere I don't particularly want the metal Ifor...
  5. B

    ***STOLEN*** 90 from Tyne and Wear

    Hello, our land rover was stolen in the early hours of this morning. Police are aware, just thought i'd post on the off chance someone may see it - only had it 4 weeks, bit gutted! Was taken from a little village on the outskirts of Washington in Tyne and Wear... 1988 land rover 90 with...
  6. seismic

    DISTRIBUTOR/CARB Vacuum problem.

    My carb.vacuum pipes were disconnected recently i may have got them mixed up can anyone help?. 1986 90 v8 with a Lucas 35DM8 distributor fitted with vacuum advance and vacuum retard pipes. There are three vacuum take of points to supply- vacuum advance, vacuum retard and the hot air vent in the...
  7. dumdums

    What make of side windows are these?

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what make of window I have fitted to my Defender? If anyone does know and also happens to have the fitting instructions could you let me have a copy. I know I can remove them, however I want to be as efficient as poss when doing so and want to give myself a head...
  8. T

    Landrover 90 Rebuild? how hard can it be?

    Im Very close to buying a landrover 90 TDI (preferably the 300TDI but its price depending) 1) How hard is it to strip it down and repair a chassis? or infact a chassis swap? 2) Can you lift the whole body off with all the wiring inside in one go? 3) Is there anywhere i can...
  9. G

    Landrover 90 o/s Headlight problem

    Hi I have just picked up a 1990 Defender 90 and have a problem with the o/s headlight. It wont work on dipped but is fine on main beam. I have checked the fuse and it appears ok, I have swapped the sealed units and it works when in the n/s and the working n/s unit wont work when in the o/s. Any...
  10. R

    Steering Box Fixing Bolts

    Hi, Got a 'Red' at last MOT one my 'new' 90 ,because Steering Box Mounting Bolts were loose, turns out they must been loose for ages as the bolts are chafed on the shaft so need new set, anyone know the part number? or spec? Thanks Roy
  11. oil dripper

    One man and his 90 live landy cam

    looks like he,s having fun,bit hit or miss when he,s on air but its a live feed http://www.livestream.com/badgerset
  12. A

    Stolen Defender 90 County GREEN - Registration M939 VHL - Stolen on 13th September

    Stolen from Ascot, Berkshire - in the early hours of Monday 13th September....It has a jacked up suspension and a black safari roof rack, with ladder on the back. It also has some surfing stickers and a flexifoil kite sticker on the back and sides. If anyone sees this on its travels please let...
  13. hrothgar

    Wolf spare wheel mount

    Can anyone tell me how the spare wheel is mounted on a soft-top TUL Wolf? I have an ex-MoD 90 with a Wolf roll cage and tilt, but the spare on the bonnet. In the tilt there are 2 flaps, one each side, behind which is a round opening, roughly at the spot where the centre of the spare would be if...
  14. a1mac

    Fitting Stereo in Ninety

    I've bought all the gear to fit a stereo into my 90. I've bought an autoleads universal ISO bracket to hold my stereo (which i got from an old discovery). The problem is, the stereo fits loosely into the bracket (it has no cage or anything, it's just a bare stereo) What do i need? Thanks...
  15. a1mac

    Fitting New Stereo In 90

    Good day, I'm 16 years of age and will be driving in August, and my dad's given me his Land Rover 90, 1988. As you may be aware, it does not come with any stereo fittings/wiring. I'm wondering, how do my dad and I sort it out in order for us to be able to fit an aftermarket Kenwood KDC-4021...
  16. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  17. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  18. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  19. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
  20. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
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