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  1. MBessent

    Underpowered Diesel and Injector Pump Queries

    Hello Series 2a First Drive After Clutch Swap Far too long after the clutch pedal went solid in my Series 2a back in December, I finally got the interior reinstalled and was able to verify if the new clutch pressure plate would solve all my problems, or if I'd need to pull it all back out...
  2. MBessent

    Series 2a Diesel Won't Start

    Hello, I've been scratching my head over this for a week or so now. I recently got a 1969 Series 2a 109 Station Wagon, she needs plenty of work to get back to good condition but the chassis is good and most of the bodywork is in decent condition. It was a diesel from the factory, but at some...
  3. jsybearpig

    New SIII owner (and a few queries)

    Hi there, I've just become the proud owner of a 1983 SIII diesel (see photo) - it's made it's way back from up north to Jersey (Channel Islands) where I'm waiting for it to be inspected and registered locally. It was rebuilt about 2 years ago and had a reconditioned diesel 2.5 engine...
  4. TomVelar94

    My Friend bought a Jaguar

    Hey Guys, My friend bought a really nice used Jaguar X-type 2.2d with under 40k miles to commute from Glasgow to Livingston in. I was impressed with how comfy the seats are!! Here's a wee video on it if you want to check it out? (Ps I love the blue colour too) Thomas :)
  5. S

    General Ring gear

    I wonder if anyone can help or refer me to someone who can. I have a 1986 FX4 London cab, 2.5litre diesel automatic Rover. It needs a new or refurbished ring gear. The flexplate in the middle has broken. The teeth of the gear are fine.
  6. D

    TD4 P1090 Limping and non responsive

    Hi guys! Hippo needs rescue. Please help! Freelander 2004, TD4, manual. 93k. I keep getting the same code P1090- Fuel Rail Pressure Plausibility. I update something, clear the code, but so far it keeps coming back when I take hippo for a ride. When engine is cold, car takes a few extra...
  7. Q

    Help - Landrover Injectorl Pump Problem

    We have a G Reg Landrover Defender 90 2.5L TD. Fitted is the CAV injector diesel pump that was leaking. Removed the top of the pump to replace the o-rings on the spindle. Uppon refitting we made sure everything went back into the same position. Diesel system has been bled and the engine will run...
  8. H

    International HS2.8 tgv timing belt replacement kit acquire

    I have an HS2.8 tgv engine D1, currently prepare to replace the engine timing belt, but do not know where could buy the relevant parts (I can't find any HS2.8 parts provider on Ebay) Anyone could kind help with the provider informations? Best regards
  9. N

    Expired land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech 5DR

    1 owner, Full service history, 46,000 Miles, Full Main Dealer Service History. Extra upgrades: Limited edition Cirrus leather, 20" Alloy wheels, Range Rover puddle wing mirror light, Bluetooth Telephone Connectivity. Panoramic Roof, Xenon Headlights, Front & Rear Parking Assistance, Meridian...
  10. andy3d

    2.25D - is it a crack in the engine block ?

    Hello everybody I just get my 2.25D SIII from service with replaced gearbox, and noticed some water leaks from right side of engine block could it be a crack in the block ? if so, any chance to repair it ...
  11. V

    Expired L322 Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box - Common Rail

    I'm selling my tuning box now that my wife's 2003 RR Vogue is going up for sale. £150 delivered to UK mainland.
  12. A

    P38 - 2.5 Diesel 2001 - Overheating issue and stalling

    In the last two years, I have new: Water pump + Fuel Injection Pump + Fuel Pump + battery + alternator + timing chain belt, radiator. After a mechanic error, I had to re-build the timing chain belt. Yes, I know, I have to find another independent Land Rover service. I brought the car for a minor...
  13. D

    1973 SIII 2.25 Diesel Starts and cuts out! HELP !

    Hi, I have a 2.25d Series 3, bought in good faith from a friend, MOT'd fine ..... won't run! It starts and ticks over BEAUTIFULLY most of the time, revs okay, sounds fine to me But it'll drive less than a mile before just conking out! Feels like fuel starvation, just dies slowly and loses...
  14. j50

    SIII Dash Panel and Gauges Refurb

    A while back, I got a bug to see if I could install LEDs in the dash panel. Today, I took the panel off and found some degradation and rust, so I sand blasted the bits, blacked out the bezels and generally cleaned up some. Also used some vinyl dye on the rubber and plastic parts. Anyone have...
  15. SiPeace

    Running out of Fuel Early

    I can only ever draw 45litres of diesel out of my tank (on a 200tdi) before it sputters and "runs out of fuel", leaving 15 litres behind in the tank. I suspected a hole in the fuel supply pipe in the tank... so I tried blowing down the fuel pipe and bubbles only came out of the bottom of the...
  16. Otley's Owner

    Fuel duty rise

    Nice to see that the Chancellor has done (another) u-turn on the proposed August fuel duty increase. I am surprised though, that despite a threatened vote in the House, the Government didn't try to brave it out, particularly since the pump price has dropped significantly recently (£1.27 near me...
  17. Series Affair

    2.5 diesel: Performance and diesel leak

    Last winter I bought a 2000m.y 2.5 dHSE after my 1996m.y. 4.0 petrol 'passed on'. I was expecting the performance to be sluggish but after a couple of days I realised the performance was glacial - almost dangerous from cold. Also a diesel patch appeared on the drive and there was the aroma of...
  18. Series Affair

    P38 Diesel Performance Chips

    Hi - I'm now the proud owner of a 2000my Range Rover dHSE. I bought it with eyes wide open about the less than sparkling performance from the 136bhp 2.5 diesel. Now I'm thinking about a performance enhancer. I've read than the PowerBox2 from Rimmer Bros gets good reviews. Anybody out there...

    HOT START problem ('04 TD6 vogue)

    Hi folks, My rangey has developed a hot starting problem. From cold it starts fine, no problems at all. If I run it up to temperature, turn it off and then leave it for a few minutes it cranks for ages before reluctantly drifting into a lazy idle, (for example stopping for fuel or popping to...
  20. L

    Exact cc of 5MB diesel

    I need to provide DVLA with the size of the engine that was fitted to my S3 (before I bought it). They have warned me that it has to be exact. The engine number shows it to be the five main-bearing diesel, but I can't find anywhere that gives the precise cc. Can anyone help?
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