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  1. M

    Changing from a 3 to a 5 bearing main 2.25

    Hey everyone.. changing the engine in my S2a .. my 3 bearing main needs more work than u have time or money to deal with at the moment .. got a running 5 bearing and I’m looking to put it in .. What is different when it comes to mounting it up and refitting everything?
  2. B

    Need a 17H 2.5 Petrol Defender

    I can only find fully reconditioned ones, but that isnt necessary as we can do all of that on site... does anyone know of any available for purchase?
  3. H

    Knocking after engine rebuild

    First post here, apologies if not in the correct format or place. I've often used the forums for advice for my '76 SIII 88 2.25 Diesel. So far I haven't need to post myself, I can usually get the answer I need from another post..... but I'm stumped... My engineering knowledge is too limited to...
  4. L

    Pulley whine

    Hi all, I haven’t posted much before. Seems sone of these groups you only post when you have a problem so forgive me for that. I have a 2016 Discovery sport 2.0 and have just started to encounter what sounds like pulley whine, is there anything out of the ordinary on this model? strange thing...
  5. R

    RR Sport engine failure - crank

    My 13 plate 57k mileage RR Sport V6, serviced every year, engine seized yesterday - apparently the crank. It appears that this is “a regular occurrence” and I need to understand my rights under trade descriptions act, particularly as LR already acknowledge that this is a known problem. Any...
  6. P

    Series IIa/3 engine noise, any ideas please.

    I have a clattering which sounds like amplified tappets. Started suddenly without any warning and fortunately just outside the gate. Engine still starts easily and runs. Plenty of oil pressure and oil to the rockers. No obvious problems with tappets when run with rocker cover off and hard to...
  7. M

    Buying Freelander 1

    Hello Everyone I am in the early stages of research into buying a Freelander 1 for my daughter. Looking to buy a later model and not particularly bothered if its petrol or deisel. I am looking for a car that doesn't require anything major doing to it as 'Mechanic of Dad' is usually working...
  8. matthamilton

    Anyone ever rebuild 2.6l 6-pot and replaced the exhaust valve guides?

    I am in the process of performing a frame-off restoration of a 1981 Series 109 Military 2.6l 6-pot. I just got a call from the machinist telling me that when he pushed out the broken exhaust valve guide on the #1 cylinder that the the replacement exhaust valve guide (part #511834 which is what...
  9. E

    Expired Discovery 4.4 short or full engine

    Hi Looking for a D3 4.4 AJV8 engine in good nick.... Please Pm or give me a shout 07984127199 Thanks James
  10. A

    L322 4.4 V8 Low speed judder with steady amber engine warning light

    This is my first L322 so go easy on me. Mine is a 2003 4.4V8 with a BRC LPG conversion. It's done 97,000 miles. It's had an occasional 'won't change up to 4th of 5th' episode but that always clears itself. Tonight, coming back from a 108 mile round trip, mostly motorway, I noticed the amber...
  11. J

    Recon Engine Suppliers/Fitters?

    Hello. I have (or should I say, 'had') a diesel 08 plate Range Rover HSE Vogue which 'blew up' last week and its engine has seized. It's done 158,000 miles and has been regularly serviced by approved agents. I would like to find a couple of 'reputable' recon engine people to get quotes from...
  12. 6

    Whinny noise from engine on freelancer 2

    hello, I have a freelander 2 09 plate that we have had for a year now and has developed a whining noise from I believe is the engine area. The whining is more noticeable When everything has got to normal temperatures. It is then very noticeable when pulling away from start or driving slowly...
  13. andy3d

    2.25D - is it a crack in the engine block ?

    Hello everybody I just get my 2.25D SIII from service with replaced gearbox, and noticed some water leaks from right side of engine block could it be a crack in the block ? if so, any chance to repair it ...
  14. H

    Td5 engine tuning

    Without busting the bank can anyone tell me what else I can do to give my td5 90 a bit more power. I have had my ecu chipped by Mike at Dynachip which was well worth the money and fitted one of those K & N air filters. I ask because it is not as if I am a speed freak "far from it" but there are...
  15. O

    Products Explained Engine Oil Viscosity

    Viscosity is the most misunderstood aspect of oil and yet it is the most important. Viscosity is the force required to shear (break) the oil at a certain speed and temperature. Oils work because they have viscosity; the drag of a rotating part pulls oil from a low-pressure area into a high...
  16. boddamese

    Intermittent engine rattle

    Bit of help needed please... Defender 300tdi has developed an intermittent rattle from the engine. Sounds a bit like a metallic rustling type of rattle. Happens at idle or any engine speed regardless of car moving or stationary. Dip the clutch when it is rattling and the rate slows down with...
  17. Børge Pedersen

    Engine immobilisation - Cant turn key

    Hi My problem started as an engine immobilisation issue, i suppose. It seems to work in mysterious ways! However, no I can't even turn my key around in the ignition. Thus I can's start the car and I can't even open the steering wheel lock. Any ideas? Børge LR Disco 2 - 2003
  18. D

    Pressure Washing the Engine Bay?? Good or Bad??

    I want to know whether I can pressure wash my SIII engine bay?? I've been told I can, just soak her in degreaser first then blast away... But are there any bits I should avoid/cover up to avoid damage??
  19. farmerfred123

    Turbo Problems in Africa - HELP!

    So, I'm currently coming to the end of an overland trip from London to Cape Town in a 110 300tdi. It must be said we've had our fair share of problems along the way - not helped by some rather dubious Ethiopian mechanics. Anyway, turbo started making squeeling when under load in Ethiopia...
  20. jbgood

    The Best Engine Landrover ever produced

    Yes - its been done before on other forums Yes - its completely subjective Yes - depends on what you need the engine to do Yes,Yes,Yes But what engine would you most like to find in your Christmas stocking/Birthday box ? And why ? Cast your vote here :) PS. there are NO wrong answers
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